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  1. Played brilliant today, MOTM well deserved too.
  2. I didn't think I had signed up to cccs, could you PM me the ticket log in details you used on google so I can double check? (only the google link )
  3. I am the same mate, nothing pending at the moment on bank account.
  4. Think the public sale starts Monday 3pm mate. I got confirmation of my 2 tickets and smart cards being activated though I didn't think i had signed up to cccs
  5. You'll be needing all the overtime you can to pay for her Ferrari Mate I give up with this fucking system, pain in the arse
  6. twice I've tried and been bounced out after waiting, doing ma nut in.
  7. Awrite mate. you good? I got one too though weeman never, logged onto the fecking thing and then it reset back to start after waiting for about 20 mins
  8. I was successful in ballot though son wasn't and in the queue waiting to purchase my ticket Bud I've been logged in as one of our tickets was successful and the fecking thing reset after waiting ages and back to square one.
  9. Really sad news this. Rip Ally.
  10. Sad to hear this, met the big fella in Tenerife and was an absolute gentleman. R.I.P Viking.
  11. Young team have been different class. Here's to 56 this season
  12. Are they sending them out with different sponsors on them?
  13. Got an email saying my shipment is being prepared and shipped and have a Hermes tracking number too, hopefully you and everyone else have yours soon.
  14. Hopefully everyone is sorted soon bud.
  15. I would get the payment reference they took from your bank and contact them as theres a contact at the bottom that takes you to concierge@rangersstore.co.uk
  16. Yes mate, this is what I get on it
  17. It recognises my order and says will update me when its dispatched.
  18. I'm the same mate, ordered 3 on the 7th march (2nd batch) and no email to confirm they are despatched yet. Signed up to the shop pay app thing last night and it's pretty sh*t tbh.
  19. Fucking goosebumps when I saw this, me and the fam jumped in the car and headed over and just missed the UB at Ibrox by a couple of mins. no sleep tonight now day tomorrow. WATP Wee Alfie in Bridgeton tonight too, top notch weeman
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