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  1. Pointless thread. Give it another couple of years and the snp republic of scotland will have all music banned other than fiddle music.
  2. Knackered reading that. In future just write, IT WISNAE ME
  3. Hopefully this sends out the message to the likes of Billy Gilmour that Ibrox is the place to take their career's to the next level.
  4. Sell, sell, sell. The boy is slower than a week in the jail.
  5. Don't know Greg, best of luck to him. Question for you Greg; How can the fans board be truly impartial when it's office address is Ibrox Stadium?
  6. Strange to see fans letting off a smoke bomb when the opposition score.
  7. Not for long. If their season finishes in May, I'll give him a month.
  8. Son and I were a bit further to the right.
  9. As a 60's baby I had the great fortune to grow up in an era of great 'cultural' Music at Rangers matches and Ibrox in particular. At the match today there appears to be a song adapted from Tiffany's 80's hit, I think we're alone now. Is this the best we can come up with? Fuckin rotten.
  10. The best defender at the club if we can keep him fit. MOTM today.
  11. Nah I was there in Block R, Row F. Didn't you see me waving to you ? ?
  12. Obviously not from our end. That would be wrong!
  13. Wouldn't want our fans to get the blame.
  14. Poor quality seating in the away end at today's match. Rusty metal fixings and flimsy seats (seen thicker kids toys) detaching as people sat on them.
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