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  1. Knackered reading that. In future just write, IT WISNAE ME
  2. Pardon my paranoia. It's Interesting that Brendan ties his shoelace and he is celebrated in the press as a football visionary yet Pedro changes a match with one substitution which leads to 3 goals in 10 mins and doesn't get any credit.
  3. I suspect that Sky are ready to get rid of him therefore to get a job he needs to ingratiate himself to the mhedia.
  4. His inexperience showed. He may have dealt with the media down south during his career but talking to the mhedia is a different ball game. I can imagine there would be a much stronger reply to their questioning from a Graeme Souness or a Jock Wallace
  5. You don't like him, do you?
  6. "Sir, we've hit an iceberg" "Don't worry lad, stay down below, the Captain will get us home" You've as much pride as those in a blue jersey last night op.
  7. I didn't need to open the thread to know it would be our very own site apologist. Ally Mccoist one day, Mark Warburton the next. Your loyalty to Rangers Managers is admirable, your dilusion is remarkable.
  8. I didn't see the comments about the wee kid, if true it's shocking. Had a look on the sos Facebook page. Was sick in my mouth reading the arsekissing comments to Walter Mitty.
  9. Could it be that we have had Pish fitba for the last few seasons (last season aside), now the fitba is picking up, we need something else to greet about?. The hatred of our club and supporters from all quarters outwith the Rangers family doesn't appear enough, therefore we need to turn on our own.
  10. Beat yesterday. Think we may be getting them at the right time
  11. Whomever it is, Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee Utd or even God no Rangers, I hope they get the bastards and put them all away for a long time.
  12. If Joey's feet had been as good as his mouth, this thread would be so much different. Sadly he isn't showing the football skill and leadership which was promised, therefore we are looking for an 'out'. It is starting to drag on and looks like he may head off, that said, I would love to see him (and any other Rangers player in a similar position) prove people wrong and be a massive success at this football club. Cmon son, get the Battle Fever on.
  13. Sadly this sums up how bad our country has become. A country where you and I are now seen as second class citizens who can be abused by all and sundry.
  14. Workmate is a Dundee fan, apparently DU have barely sold a thousand tickets. It wasn't that long ago they were greetin because they didn't get more tickets against us. Bye, Bye. Hopefully they stay down there for good.
  15. I agree about playing fringe players. I don't want to bring the mood down but I wouldn't give Law another minute on the park. The equivalent to playing with a man short.
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