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  1. To be honest I do not like Liverpool's attitude to Heysel in comparsion to all the attention given to Hillsborough. That message they had in the stand, when they played Juve years later made me cringe. There were a lot of Juve fans in the neutral areas, plenty of Italians living in Belgium.
  2. Amusing considering how pro-Real press and radio were trying to incriminate Barca.
  3. Filled out my bracket for the first time this year, just for fun, making loads of guesses. I like to keep an eye on the tournament, when I have time.
  4. To be fair to Mihajlovic he has tried to calm things down and talked about the need for respect. His Croatian counterpart Stimac is just as bad when it comes to nationalistic crap by the way, a couple of months ago he suggested that Croatian generals, who were on trial for war crimes during the civil war, should be at the game to perform the ceremonial kick-off.
  5. But even those titles were won more or less by default. First one they actually finished third miles behind top 2, but then got the title after Juve were relegated and Milan were docked points. For the remaining two they were kind of left without serious competition and with the best team in the league and still Roma pushed them all the way in the third season. They did fuck all in Europe and we all know what happened when Mourinho took over. I never really rated Mancini as a manager, I mean he's decent, but not top class.
  6. Full game, but since it's beta it's more buggy than the full version, which is out next week. Will get updated automatically through Steam. Gotta say, I was quite sceptic about FM's decision to go Steam exclusive with game verification, but I think it was a great choice, makes updating and stuff much simpler. FM is the only game I use Steam for though.
  7. There's this great anti-doping crusade in cycling and then you see the route unveiling at the Tour today and all I can say is WTF?! Stuff like climbing Alpe d’Huez twice in one day, no wonder some feel the need to dope.
  8. Two massive bugs that I've encountered so far, but only twice each, luckily, are the ball getting stuck to the post and more annoyingly scoring a goal, but the goal wasn't given and I got a corner instead. There's also minor things like ball flying through the net, when you score a goal sometimes, but I can live with that until the full release or one or two flukey goal. I'm guessing they'll also address the fact that wingers are way too powerful, tons of goals are scored when a winger skins the full back and crosses to the far post for the other winger to tap it in.
  9. What are the finances like (wage bill etc)?
  10. Brown went off at half time and Levein thought it would be idea to put Adam on, who was the main reason in my opinion, that Wales seized control in midfield, stupid by Levein.
  11. From the official FIFA rulebook, page 33: No offence There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: • a goal kick • a throw-in • a corner kick http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/generic/81/42/36/lawsofthegame_2011_12_en.pdf
  12. Morrison's goal? There's no offside from goal kicks.
  13. Datsyuk signed for CSKA Moscow during the lockout, KHL has a rule of only three NHL-ers per team allowed though. Some leagues like the Swedish top flight have a rule against short-term contracts for NHL-ers. KHL overall as a league is pretty big, not that far off from the NHL.
  14. "Henry, on 10 days rest." Gotta love yank commentary, as if it's baseball.
  15. Watching episode 3, Spearing's gf is fine, a huge discrepancy with his munchkin looks. The joys of being a footballer.
  16. Grassed?! It's not like the footage was taken by someone with his mobile phone from the stands FFS. Although one might think that by looking at the pic in the article.
  17. He's a very good pundit, but terrible as a co-commentator of games.
  18. Liverpool's Warrior deal is just a way to pump more money into the team and promote the brand in England as Warrior are owned by New Balance, who are based in Boston, so obviously there's a connection with the Liverpool owners.
  19. Was a fairly interesting viewing, not a fan of Liverpool at all, but still. Gerrard named his youngest daughter Lord Dez it seems, if you're a Scouser don't give your children fancy names that you can't even pronounce (Lourdes).
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