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  1. Started a new game. Sold Bougherra, Whittaker and Papac for a combined £6.7M and brought in a few players from the Belgian, Romanian and Israeli leagues who are far better. Killie also got taken over, and have been given a £40M transfer kitty
  2. I think I read somewhere that they would have won the league had it started at Christmas. Just goes to show what a good job Dalglish has done. Carroll and Suarez have really impressed me, and I reckon that with a couple of top quality defenders, they could certainly think about a title challenge next year.
  3. Genoa or Sampdoria could be fun. Decent squads, and with Samp, you get the CL qualifiers in the first season.
  4. So annoyed at the game just now. I started a new game with Rangers, and made this great tactic which had me beating Arsenal 3-0 preseason (as well as getting more possession than them), and getting 2 wins in my 2 SPL games, scoring 7, and conceding 1. I had a couple of great signings, like Markus Henriksen, a 17 year old from Rosenborg, and Peter Masilela, a left back from Israel, both for less than £1m combined. However, turns out Colin Calderwood is a proper knobend. Jelavic, Naismith, Masilela and Weiss ALL injured in the Hibs game. Naismith and Weiss are each out for a month, but J
  5. Well that all worked out pleasantly enough. See before the thread is locked, can we get a montage of all the highs and lows of all of its 11,000+ posts, with a some Bruce Springsteen in the background?
  6. I hope you 'bumped into him' in the literal sense of the word
  7. Agree with the whole post, but this bit in bold in particular stuck out. All you need to ask people who use this 'no experience' argument is what position Walter Smith held before managing the Rangers.
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