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  1. I’m through in Edinburgh for the Fringe and I was wondering if anyone knew a pub that would show the game tonight?
  2. Just joined travel club this year and got a ticket. First European away trip for me. Fucking buzzing for it. Can’t believe it’s just next week?
  3. At the moment it will need to be just face value as I can't confirm yet if they will be open to whoring themselves out.
  4. The tickets are for my mates and since you can only pay face value for the tickets on here, I could try and convince them to give you a handjob/blowjob as well whatever your preference is.
  5. Hi, Looking for 2 tickets to the Partick league game, would even take 1. Any spare could you let me know please.
  6. What a line "the focus, the attitude and commitment is non negotiable. Mistakes are part of the human condition". I want Pedro to succeed so much the guy just oozes class.
  7. If you actually read back some of the quotes are "rotten", "get rid", "waste of a shirt" and "as bad a signing as Garner". Not everyone but more than a fair share were ridiculously harsh on him.
  8. Has he shagged your misses or something? No way was he average tonight or ever has been average. He's a great talent and maybe can't be used in certain games but definitely not average
  9. Want to just bump this thread again to show the clowns that said he was useless and should get rid of him. Before anyone says it was a shite team, all our players were playing against the same team and he was a standout
  10. Aye mate. He also had a tussle with Vidal and just swatted him away
  11. To think we've went from Kiernan to Alves is unbelievable. Hasn't even had a Rangers shirt on yet and I already love the big guy. Can't wait to see him in the old firm.
  12. Can't believe some of the comments on here. Obviously his fitness let him down badly at the start but just before he got injured he was looking good. I think it was Inverness away he was superb just before he got injured. Most of the games we play aren't against big teams so he can be more than useful this season.
  13. Absolute dive. The downstairs bar has been done up and it's awrite but the rest of it is like Chernobyl
  14. I love watching Pedro's interviews. You feel like you learn something new every time you listen to him. So refreshing in comparison to the same pish warburton would spout every week.
  15. ??I phoned up and it is paid off. No need for tick then??
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