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  1. Cut and paste from the DR about the trouble. a video posted on social media groups, believed to be football fans, are seen congregating in the streets outside the stadium in Edinburgh and chasing each other. If that was us it would be plastered across the whole site named and shamed, as it's the green and grey they are immune from public humiliation. Mind you the video does humilate them as i don't think they know how to fight yet. Question is, wtf they doing in Edinburgh for when there are no away fans allowed to any games? Do they have exemption passes as they are deemed too
  2. Actually surprised to get an email earlier. I was all set for the couch and RTV, now in CD1. Thankfully i hadn't done the booze run that was tomorrow, still doing it just adjust accordingly Edit - oldest has just told me supporter's bus is full so looks like subway loyal
  3. Full house for F1 the day before the anticipated easing of restrictions.
  4. Haven't had any correspondence since ordering 2 tops on the 8 March. So I emailed the concierge address on Wednesday asking for an update. Email reply states order left the warehouse with a link to track. Fine, at least that's something. I clicked the link and the message, is we are expecting delivery from supplier I will check periodically this coming week. Thing is oldest son ordered his a few days before me in the first batch, his just turned up without any notification, that was a few weeks ago.
  5. I take it covid doesn't exist in Hungry going by the size of the crowd
  6. The peace talks must be a blast in Qatar, NATO delegates all wearing the green and grey discussing who is going to be the next head honcho at Sangin FC.
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