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  1. Congratulations to AbiWATP who had the winning bid of £120.01! With this being doubled it will be a significant amount of money to charity.
  2. I did say that the bids were to be sent by PM so wouldn't be fair to say. For it being a charity bid it isn't going for as much as I thought at the moment but hoping for some more bids as the deadline approaches.
  3. I'm auctioning off for Meningitis Scotland on a separate thread. Closing date is a week on Friday if you want to PM me an offer.
  4. Happy to get the bids via a PM and will then announce the highest bidder on Friday 21st.
  5. Think Beerman is a real talent but don't think Bates will cut it. Lacks composure but still young enough to develop into a decent centre half.
  6. I should have also said that any amounts raised will be matched by my work so hopefully get a decent winning bid.
  7. I have a season ticket in the Sandy Jardine rear (row J in line with 18 yard box at Copland Road end) but I'm away for the last Old Firm. I'm doing the Kiltwalk in Edinburgh to raise money for Menigitis Scotland (my wife suffered from this in 2015 and spent 10 days in hospital) and want to auction off the ticket. When highest bidder donates to the online fundraising page I will arrange for the ticket to be sent out. The closing date for the auction will be 12 noon on Friday 21st April.
  8. Far too predictable. Sets up the team the same way every game. Makes the same personnel changes every game and no tactical changes. Clearly not good enough and has to go. He is unwilling to change so we need to change him.
  9. Booked mine not long ago (4 single tickets) found in hospitality section. Guessing they will still be available.
  10. Hopefully Alex was looking down at the well derserved send off he received. Once you are part of the Rangers family you are never alone.
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