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  1. I thought Chris did well. Britney looked a bit flustered to me, though maybe that half hour warm up in front of a mirror travis bickle style, didn't go as plannned!
  2. Great to see a fascist upset. Oh wait, surely a fascist being upset would please our anti-fascist friends from the east end, would it not? Andy Goram, Rangers legend!
  3. This makes us look bad and the the scum will love it. Respect the club, behave!
  4. McNee, what else would you expect from him!
  5. There's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers! Thanks lads.
  6. I think he played up front. I think he scored against Motherwell at Fir Park in a game I was at back then. I was young at the time though and the memory may be flawed.
  7. I would just like to add about Coop's "moody blue" image, that if people read his mates comments about him and "True Blue" {which I have signed by the great man} they would see he was a just a modest, genuine guy. Not a "moody blue" at all. Just a Rangers man who was {and always will be} a genius and played for " the team he loved". Which we all do! "DAVIE COOPER ON THE WING"
  8. My favourite memory of Coop is at a game at Fir Park. We won 3-0 and I think Davie Mitchell and Colin McAdam scored but I maybe wrong there. Coop was my hero and he came down to take a corner near where we were standing. I shouted "come on davie" just as noise died down. He looked straight across at me, I was awestruck. I was about 8 at that time and the day he died I had a driving lesson and I had tears in my eyes the whole hour. I didn't learn much that day. A genius and a Ger!
  9. I'm happy enough with him. Surely he's got to be an improvement.
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