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  1. VID-20201129-WA0016.mp4 VID-20201129-WA0016.mp4
  2. Hoping for a 4 nothing but will take any win, I think we might start Big Cedric today 🤔 come on The Champions ❤🤍💙 VID-20210515-WA0008.mp4
  3. Yes 100% it just proves yet again that these people are not interested in equality but gaining the power to discredit whoever they deem the enemy even if it proves their own hypocritical guilt
  4. So the defender of anti Catholic attacks forgets his position to attack devout Catholic Rees Mogg it's alright when we do it fucking hypocrite
  5. Would take a point right now, keep the unbeaten run going if we get to extra time and penalties, can see the Rangers in next round
  6. There is video evidence of 2 assaults on a well known Asian Rangers supporter and she says nothing nor does Humza, can you imagine what they would be saying had that happened in George Square 🤔 a horrible wee bint that lives for division and partisan politics
  7. Legal proceedings, music to my ears. How many of the bigot grifters arseholes have just collapsed Well done Rangers
  8. And I get the same when I ask any of the Greens why they support an independent Scotland that would be reliant on fossil fuels how is that a echo stance ffs and given its OOR oil can I sell my share
  9. Also avoids getting tagged in all the CSA stuff the Grey family keep asking him about, now the next justice guy will say he knows nothing about it and will need time to gather the facts, all the while families continue to wait for answers
  10. If it turns out it is that deranged lot then there even more deranged than I first thought. As Teftong neatly pointed out earlier he did all he could to stack the deck in their favour for years even before 2012 with the tour of Japan 👀 then hamstrung his biggest rivals for 5 years so they could collect the riches of the CL without opposition, he was up to his neck in all the TV deals and getting his friends on SFA and SPFL boards. Then there was the blatant cheating of the vote to award the title not to mention being the only country I have heard of carrying over the cups into the next season
  11. I am surprised you even had to ask that we are the evil bigots always mate 👍 they are just downtrodden and misguided
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