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  1. I am actually at a loss for words, Police Scotland are looking into this the same police Scotland that lost the evidence of the hanging effigies this is truly tragic for this country 😢
  2. So not only are we all a bunch of sectarian bigots who hate Irish catholics, we are now spreading the virus which appears to only be when the march or gathering folk have red, white and blue on also heard we were back flicking nazi salutes also the more they demonise the more they look fucking ridiculous, no self awareness either someone should send Crainey the video of our team bus pulling up at the piggery
  3. Stevie G said he wanted to make Ibrox a fortress, my god have a read of this
  4. Hey you there with the sad face 🎶 get it right up ye, for the Lord has spoken and we are indeed The People ❤🤍💙
  5. I will be doing mostly stuff like this all day VID-20200924-WA0017.mp4
  6. Incredible goalkeeper, defies belief at times
  7. Walter showed us how you deal with that degenerate arsehole 👀 if you have to go back to the sixties to dig up dirt on the undisputed Champions of Scotland to score some Internet pints, fill your boots up
  8. Ha ha some hard man he is ffs, someone made fun of me boo hoo 😭 55 has destroyed them and I for one love it 😄 VID-20210317-WA0005.mp4
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