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  1. I never heard that but they certainly targeted Kamara. I am not in anyway trying to defend it
  2. While I understand how that looks I am not sure you can blame the children, I think that the adults around them have demonised Glen Kamara as the instigator and spreader of false accusations of racism and as such the enemy of the country. This lies with the adults who are perpetuating this whole narrative who are denying obvious racism suffered by Kamara. Thats why I believe they targeted him and none of the other Black Rangers players (that I heard) Rancid that these adults deny the clear evidence of racism but I can't bring myself to tar a whole 10,000 kids as racists. As we know hate is taught never a given.
  3. It's against septic, haven't they been oppressed enough
  4. Wonder if Sutton wishes he got stopped from entering tonight
  5. Leigh Griffiths as Mr Potato head 😁 wtf is it 🤔
  6. In my opinion we are punching here but that's exactly what seems to fire this team, hoping mabae even praying for the real Ryan Kent to show up this season, tonight would be perfect for him 👍
  7. Canny wait for them to call it anti Irish racism only to remember Sutton is English, although the way things are going you wouldn't be surprised by that sticking
  8. If you think that you only win because the opposition are shite and you only lose because your own team are shite the chances are you will struggle with the realities that are present in football
  9. Or is this just a clever ploy to give his suitors a jolt into action equally be impressed if we keep him, as imo he really will be a Rolls Royce of a player for us
  10. VID-20201129-WA0016.mp4
  11. VID-20201129-WA0016.mp4 VID-20201129-WA0016.mp4
  12. Hoping for a 4 nothing but will take any win, I think we might start Big Cedric today 🤔 come on The Champions ❤🤍💙 VID-20210515-WA0008.mp4
  13. VID-20210519-WA0021.mp4
  14. VID-20210528-WA0011.mp4
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