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  1. Fuck sake mate I managed to hold myself together (Just) watching that but your post has pushed me over the edge 😪 this post mirrors my own feelings precisely 🤔 thank you 💙
  2. I was disappointed when I looked through they numbers and there wasn't a 1690 Rab well there is always the next one
  3. By the way the scum are howling and Terry Munro is deid
  4. I know he does lose the ball quite a lot but his close control is really something, kinda Ted McMinn sometimes looks as though he doesn't know what his feet are doing, a fine player imo 🤩
  5. What were you all worrying about, great teams soak up pressure, then pounce, this Rangers team are a great team
  6. Their hypocrisy has no end, they continually spout their pish about us having no history and going to win our first trophy and simultaneously demand we must be dealt with over Neally and apologise for all Scottish footballs involvement in the CSA scandal. Which is it you crazy bastards
  7. Yes but there is a chance that they may fail to qualify this year and we go straight in, if he has a good run then Liverpool could come knocking am just playing hypatheticals like the op
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