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  1. Had a wee thought that it'd be great to go to Wrestlemania next year, at work. Seems very expensive though.
  2. hahaharhahahaharhahahahaharhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. My bets for the #worldcup (at least so far!) Netherlands e/w at 33/1 with William Hill - fiver e/w Italy at 22/1 a tenner on ‘re outright – sporting bet Argentina & Brazil to win all their games at around 3.6 with Sporting bet - £100 on • Name The Finalists: Brazil/Argentina: World Cup 2014 Name The Finalists 8/1 £10.00 Free + £10.00 £170.00 Japan Total Group Goals Scored - WC Over 3 scored in the group: Odds: 11/8 with mcbookie - £100 on Brazil to win the World Cup at 3/1 with William Hill - £100 on Australia to finish with 0 points in their group at 11/8 - £100 on - betfred Won overs at
  4. Disagree with giving it out but we all have our opinions.
  5. You are obviously cool with abusive posters, the mod's aren't it seems albeit better late than never.
  6. I didn't see it then. Though I don't know really why I'm giving you the time of day as you a right tadger.
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