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  1. Nonsense. Seems like old fashioned bigotry to me
  2. The obese and fussy eaters http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=82533&view=findpost&p=2773613
  3. Because of petty little bawsacks like you who 'pyoor hate they inglish basturts by ra way'. Utter nonsense.
  4. Does singing about an old lady actually inspire anyone? Surely one of the most boring anthems around? No and Yes! I often why they are asking God to save when the NHS is so good. you really are a fukin cunt. he is worse than some tims, fucking bawbag
  5. Argentina 3 - 2 Germany Messi Paraguay 0 - 2 Spain Villa
  6. 4-1 to Uruguay Suarez Brazil 3-1 Netherlands Kaka
  7. i dont get why it is organised right in the middle of the marches.... no brainer. Cos marches are a shite waste of time? Bold yin.
  8. And every other nation in the UK... http://www.noteamgb.com/ But don't let facts get in the way of a go at the Scottish fans... not having a go at scottish fans, just folk like you, that cant see beyond there nose. And that link you have, proves nothing. It proves that every other country's flag was behind it with their flag at the top... Also: http://www.noteamgb.com/Our-Supporters.htm
  9. Missing Argentina vs Germany for that, that's dedicated
  10. Have they not appointed Nigel Pearson? Not yet, but look's like he will get the job. I see. Aye, seems inevitable.
  11. I would usually have said the Dutch (answered it now that the Azzurri are out, I should have added in my previous post) however they aren't the same traditional Dutch.
  12. Argentina I suppose as I like their style, Maradona and I've got money on them being the highest scoring team. Also the thread title was funny
  13. Should we not sort out the west lothian question first?
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