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  1. We all know that barring a defeat by Albion Rovers and Raith Rovers, Ally will be in charge again next season. He will probably find it harder to win the league next season. Much harder - especially if our defence is the same. Much depends on ST money now. If we get enough then I believe Ally will be allowed to strengthen as the Board have fully backed him to date. The way we are playing just now though Albion Rovers and Raith Rovers cannot be taken for granted. My guess is that Ally will be in charge next season, but beyond that I cannot say at this point.
  2. As I said above Dunfermiline can only get 80 points if they win every game. We have 77 and a MUCH superior GD. If we beat Airdrie we will have 80 points + a much superior goal difference. That should be enough for the title, even if D'fermiline win on the Saturday, but yes a draw vs D'fermiline would put us a point ahead and confirm the title. It is all good the title is ours soon.
  3. With our Goal Difference being so superior we can win the title on the Wednesday vs Airdrie I believe. They can now only get 80 points if they win every game. We have 77 now. If we beat Airdrie we will have 80 points with a much much better GD that can ever hope to achieve. So, if we beat Airdrie the title is really ours at that point.
  4. Ally is right, but should have said something along the lines of "if we can get rid of some players and bring in a couple of good players we should have a good chance of winning the Championship next season, but if we do nothing there are no guarantees. It must be obvious that our defence needs strengthening big time. We do need a RB and a CH at a minimum. We need rid of a few players that we all can name. We could probably do with another creative player and a striker, but the defence is a priority. We should be able to do this with little or no extra money being spent. Ally though imo is already safeguarding himself to have excuses ready if he gets no extra cash. I also see him looking to put himself , once again, in the DK/PM camp. If I were on the current Board I would be sick of Ally and his ways. They continually back him and he continually gives them problems.
  5. THE Board notes Mr King's comments with concern as they are potentially de-stabilising and damaging to Rangers Football Club. That is all it says.
  6. For now McInnes looks real good. Let's see what he does over the next year or so.
  7. J Baxter for me. Saw him so many times sparkle against the Mhanks and against England. Was truly world class. Cooper, D Wilson Gio, the Hammer, Orjan Persson and others were good too. A Morton I never saw but he was supposedly brilliant and I dont know if Bob McPhail was left footed or not.
  8. Need a better team than tonight's which played some dire football. When your GK is the star man you know you suck.
  9. McCoist is not going anywhere for now unless we get beat by Albion Rovers and Raith Rovers. Then there will be a big debate.
  10. People must realize that we all accept that we will win the league and should probably win the Ramsden Cup with this team. We should also beat Albion Rovers in the SC quarters. What most are afraid of is the possible hiding we might get from an Aberdeen or DU side in the SC if we do not improve and the possibility that we may struggle to win the Championship next season. Remember McCulloch who shows big signs of decline recently will be even older next season as will Daly who looks slow. We have no good player down the right side of our team and the likes of Law, Shiels, Black, Templeton and Peralta have all regressed under Ally. Apart from Wallace and Bell this team is exceedingly average and the lack of youth coming through is worrying. McLeod is the only one I have seen that I give a chance to succeed to date.
  11. Who would bet on us winning the Championship next year based on our last two games? Who is convinced we will beat Albion Rovers and Raith Rovers? We should, but..................? Would this team beat Aberdeen? DU? St Johnston? ICT? Does not look like it for now. We are struggling big time and Ally does not know his best team.
  12. Just watched the game and I must say the football was awful. Glad we kept a clean sheet and got 3 points, but this is hard to watch. Bell : 9 saved us with 2 great saves. Foster: 4 Very poor McCulloch: 5 Again poor Moshni: 6 Average + Wallace: 7 Good goal Aird: 4 A poor night Peralta: 5 Not too good Black: 5 Average Smith: 5 Not too good, but tried hard Law: 5 Out of sorts Daly: 6 Scored again, but struggled Subs - Little and Crawford - tried hard but not too good. Coaching:God knows what they do to produce such a poor football playing team. - 3
  13. Anyone who thinks that this team will walk the championship is nuts. They will struggle next year if this night's performance is anything to go by. Cannot do much of anything right. One good move and a goal otherwise Bell has saved them twice. We must do better in the next half. Our right side is so poor and the left is not so great either. Take Wallace and Bell out of this side and the rest vary from average to awful.
  14. Wallace clears up a lot including that DK is only interested in a future share issue and nothing more.
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