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  1. Played 6 days in a row the last two weeks (Monday thru Saturday) and had to take two days off to rest up. Playing tomorrow Tuesday. Will be in Scotland around the 9th August for 3 weeks and playing at Tain. Anyone interested in playing there with me let me know. (PM me)
  2. Pacman should now retire. He has money, fame, a political future - he does not need to be having his brains scrambled again. A great fight between two of the very best.
  3. Coming over to Scotland on holiday from July 6 - July 26. Will be staying in Balintore and playing at Tain GC. Might have a round at Dornoch too. Should be relaxing. Just hope the weather cooperates. It has been so hot and humid here in North Virginia.
  4. Just back in the US after 2+ weeks in Balintore. Played Tain a couple of times and the Saturday before last was a joke with huge gusts of winds. One 9 iron went 180 yards! Other days were pretty good. Had one round of golf at Royal Dornoch and I must say if any of you get a chance - play this course. It is magnificent. Have any of you played the new Castle Douglas course near Inverness Airport? Is it any good?
  5. Always think oh no not again, but once you hear that laughter the smile just grows fast and your sides start to split with laughter.
  6. Just bought a Taylor Made Burner - 07 Model 10.5 degree loft. Cost me $125.00 +tax. Very popular over here. Looking forward to playing Tain and maybe Royal Dornoch later this year when over on holiday. Hope they dont lose my clubs again! Usually get them after a couple of days! Have some great golf this year, guys. Looking at 24" of snow here tomorrow so no golf here for a while yet. (N VA)
  7. Why can I not use the word f*****, without being censored?..... Please reply.....

  8. This just shows how lucky BF is. He should have gone along with PLG and we would all have been better off.
  9. Yes a shocker this one!! Funny too. I had to look twice at the comments. Then the date of the thread! Amazing!! :harhar:
  10. Gotta love the paranoia from the East End - A whole bunch of them now saying they will win all their games and win the title. Sorry my delusional friends but I just do not see that happening!
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