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  1. Fear no foe. 3 points, clean sheet, qualified with a game to spare. Easy ok.
  2. Judging by the length of time he’s now been a free agent, I’d say his options are limited. Think I know what he was trying to say ~ more of a jibe at Scottish Football rather than specifically Rangers, but I guess he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. Wouldn’t say no to a player of his ability joining, but he’d be expensive in wages and possibly a luxury we don’t need at this moment.
  3. I look forward to more of the same. The timplosion is delicious.
  4. Seen enough of him to know there’s a player there. Not the finished article by any means, but I guess that’s why we managed to get him. Looking forward to seeing how he develops.
  5. That used to be the case mate but I’ve watched the last few on Safari without problems. ?? Hopefully that’s the media team sorted out the relevant plugins permanently.
  6. This. ?? I’m no fan of King but I can’t argue with his stance here and his comment about the Mhanks’ “house of cards” coming down when we win our next title is spot on. The beautiful truth is the cunts know it too.
  7. We couldn’t afford his wages....
  8. Great post mate ~ I was looking for material to reference and now it’s all in one place. Thanks for all your effort bud ??
  9. No..... but.... we’re skint....Rangers died.....Admin2! But....but.
  10. They mean (and I do) that type of game. We were losing the 50-50’s and under spells of pressure. We would’ve retreated and conceded previously but we didn’t, and we battled away. The last game in Dingwall, we weren’t under the same pressure we were yesterday. Don’t look at the result, rather the type of performance we put in.
  11. Good result and a game we would’ve lost under the stewardship of the previous 3 full-time managers. That said, I do think Murty made the changes a little later than I would’ve liked. I also would’ve rather seen Docherty for Windass as opposed to Goss who I thought was strolling it. But that is just personal choice. 3 points, tough place ~ onwards and upwards.
  12. So you're saying we can't criticise one of our own...that wrote a blog post criticising..one of our own? Like him or not, Danny is/was a Rangers player, if you write a blog piece on that and put it out there, you need to be prepared for incoming. Good and bad.
  13. This. ?? It wasn’t broken so leave it the fuck alone.
  14. Get it tae fuck. Goal line technology and retrospective video analysis of simulation, cheating and violent conduct should be as far as we go. And by that I mean after the game is completed . Players chasing the referees making “square” signals in the air, mobbing him waiting for a decision, the crowd fucking clueless as to what’s going on, celebrating a goal..then getting it checked...then celebrating it again. It’s ruinous. Itll end up like the fucking Super Bowl.
  15. This country is a laughing stock bud.
  16. And they fucking know it too - that’s what kills them.
  17. Why do you think certain outlets are trying to spin that we are losing out on Naismith, rather than turning him down? It’s completely down to trying to pander to the detractors and using their hatred to sell papers and weblinks. Fucking parasites.
  18. Rangers signed 2 players and didn’t go into admin.....The Rhags have to find something negative to write about us.
  19. Purely speculation bud, I was told that the “hold up” that Martin refers to in getting this deal done was nullifying that part of his Norwich contract. I have nothing to back that up, as it was only verbal but it would seem to fit with most of the speculation. The only thing I’m convinced of is that he wont return to Norwich in the summer. If he doesn’t remain with us he’ll go elsewhere.
  20. I’m sure both parties have the option to extend in the summer to 2019. He’s here and I guess that means the extension wont be taken up and he’s free to leave (Norwich) in the summer.
  21. Loved the Mr Bean lookalike fucker
  22. The thread title had me worried....not going to lie...had no idea what I was gonna see when i clicked it.
  23. Welcome to the Rangers Russell! Fucking Staunch as fuck!
  24. And so the Jason Cummings wind up show begins...
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