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  1. And blew a fortunate at the bookies !
  2. This is very worrying and clearly indicates how close we are to another business failure. Even credit card companies won't take the risk of us going under again in the next season. This to me demonstrates the gravity of the situation and just how close we are to insolvency again.
  3. His shit play is now topped by his shit attitude. This guy needs a reality check and good boot up the arse ....along with the rest of the team.
  4. Just goes to show how badly our club is still being run !!!
  5. Correct. And Lloyds Bank have a lot to answer for. It was their guy Donald Muir that lined up Shyte.
  6. I said this last year and got shot down by many on here. My concern is that Green and Stockbridge will back Ahmed to line their pockets further.
  7. Take a drink and celebrate with the rest of us.
  8. I saw this coming a mile off and predicted so last year. Our Board has been an absolute joke for the past 2 years. Stockbridge must surely go now !
  9. Very sad news. One of my first games was Ian Redford's winning goal in the league cup final against Dundee Utd. My dad decided to take me at the last minute, whilst my mum & sister went shopping. As a kid, I was over the moon at getting to go to a cup final and the day was just made better by witnessing & experiencing my first Rangers' cup final victory. A day I'll never forget. I'll always cherish the memory of the elation of those fantastic goals from Cooper & Redford that day and the victory. Ian Redford & Davie Cooper RIP.
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