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  1. Any chance of a cheeky wee sig? Batman based? Christian Bale era?
  2. kingbarry

    Your Best Sig

    Thanks bud, dieing to start again, but ive not used photoshop in over a year, wouldnt know where to begin, would have to read tutorials all over again!
  3. kingbarry

    Your Best Sig

    Ive not been doing this for long....Newest to oldest, newest being a year old.
  4. Whittaker_Boumsong_Bougherra_Papac
  5. take that text away and id use, text is awful.
  6. Excellent mate, i like how you have used the double render
  7. Thanks mate . Got me in the mood to get back into it again. I just reinstalled windows, so i need to download PS again, and all the textures and renders , spent hours downloading all my stuff!
  8. Not done a sig in the ages but looking to get back into it, heres some stuff ive done.
  9. games alright at best, bit slow for my liking, shooting is fantastic, riding horses is boring as fuck, annoying having to make camps to travel faster. Annoyingly bad voiced characters.
  10. good render, apart from that nothing goes at all.
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