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  1. If your chasing the game then zungu ain’t much use too defensive minded.
  2. Camera is at an angle and linesman has the perfect view. Alexander is just talking pish about it being offside and your watching the same as him.
  3. Anybody could replace Kent just now he’s a waste of a jersey.
  4. Kent is just fucking awful and aribo not much better but are automatic picks.
  5. Persnickety,don’t just make words up leave that to those cunts
  6. Big Sam allerdyce expert at lost causes.
  7. Praising the jap for apologising is the worst bit about this interview.
  8. More concerned with what cunts let them back into the country.
  9. I don’t need to be raging to call you a prick I can remain calm and still do it. I don’t agree with a few folk(especially lefty’s) on here but is that not what forums are for so why block someone. Unlike you moron I come on here and speak for myself not other people. By the way you don’t need to sign off when making a reply.
  10. How was I raging prick? I gave my opinion the same as dude did,but that’s all it is an opinion. The problem is there are too many tarrier sympathisers on here for my liking,why any alleged bluenose would want to come on here and defend those scum bastards is a fucking joke. I think the dude is well used to the abuse on here due to his stance and doesn’t need a tosser like you to speak up for him.
  11. I disagree,they won’t have been able to do full training as due to COVID-19 and unlike Dubai our bars are shut.
  12. He cleared it with what? His opinion only. It just gets on my tits how fucking defensive of the scum he is,why bring Gerrard into this and if tarriers didn’t know about it they sure as hell do now,although he probably keeps his Tim pals on his podcast up to date.
  13. He didn’t return home to Glasgow he returned to London and then Brighton (rumors of going to Ireland but no proof). You fly out from Glasgow you should return to Glasgow,your home(temporarily) is Glasgow so you return there. Being termed as an elite sportsman doesn’t give you carte Blanche to travel the length of the uk. You are fucking nit picking as usual,Duffy didn’t travel to Brighton on football duty but to deal with a domestic how does this come under exception rules.
  14. Surely as soon as he leaves his bubble and decides to go his own way travelling for non essential reasons all over the uk the his elite sports cover goes out the window. He didn’t travel to join up with national team which is allowed but to go home to sort out a domestic against government guidelines.
  15. So they freeze over and get waterlogged,ideal then for the Scottish climate.
  16. So what is the benefits of a plastic pitch?
  17. Livingston game off so should be raring to go on Saturday.
  18. Don’t tell me there’s a shortage of pasta,fucking brexit.
  19. Even the meeting today was rigged,you had to send in any questions by email prior to the meeting so the cunts could pick and choose.
  20. Have they asked for the Livingston game to be postponed yet.
  21. These will become collectors items can you get them onlinedid anyone catch Kevin or his psychiatrists address.
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