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  1. Aye he must have made Tav move the ball all of 10 mm ffs what a prick
  2. John Greig MBE, 79 today Sharing his birthday, the late Billy Ritchie G.B.N.F.
  3. Jock Wallace born on this day, 1935. Legend
  4. John Greig and Werner Olk shake hands before the 1967 European Cup Winners Cup Final. and before anyone asks, the ref's name is Concetto Lo Bello, of Italy
  5. IDK if anyone has linked this, quite lengthy but it shows these cunts up for what they are https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2021/09/03/cultural-war-you-cannot-remain-neutral-Rangers-fans-humza-yousaf-james-dornan-jeanette-findlay-running-unofficial-snp-legal-policy-aided-by-media-mates/
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