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  1. My best game ever and goosebumps at the song. Union bears get this sung!!
  2. Alfie will be top SPL scorer. He has missed some good chances but goals from elsewhere are poor.
  3. Can those who know how, post all their video clips of 4LHAD here. So we can listen to them all before the game tomorrow. It’s gonna be loud!!!!!
  4. The optics of how we are viewed matter. It matters in attracting players and managers and new support from outside our traditional fan base. The Billy boys and famine song give other people the opportunity to demonise our support. celtic fans behaviour and their clubs behaviour is of no interest to me. There are a few songs that are now categorised as socially unacceptable and we should not be undermining our club by singing them. Also there is a risk that individuals are fingered and banned in the aftermath. At times we make it too easy for others to attack us. The Billy boys was sung once or twice but many other songs on Sunday were more impactful. But the focus goes to TBB. I agree with psb and will get pelters for being an apologist or for being weak. Yet I’m trying to support our club. Also we have learned to support our players of colour for taking the knee. which is good. We should support our club in their everyone anyone endeavour.
  5. Does anyone use a vpn. How does that work. does anyone use norvpn
  6. I have Rangers TV subscription. is ross county game on or do I have to get on ross county tv
  7. I get that. But enough were fighting such that the bad behaviour gets the headline.
  8. I agree. In this social media world we need to be more savvy. It’s the optics. How it will look. the Clydeside flares were simply spectacular. we just shoot ourselves in foot. We need to be less naive. Gerrard is presenting us as a multicultural modern club. The George square drunken fights with supporters of own club, were shameful. The only defence we have is what about ..... I think we need to be smarter.
  9. Alfie had a better game against StJohnstone than Mpabbe had against Man City. And St Johnstone pressed us well. In fact St Johnstone would probably have beat Man City and PSG combined on the day.
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