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  1. 1. Cancel all cup games to achieve capacity. 2. Play more midweek games earlier to bring end of season forward to achieve capacity. 2. Seems unfair to punish team cos of illness. Players will catch covid from their wives or children. 3. Like I said before. One of our players will catch Covid. If we celebrate together eat together etc it will spread. Players need to act like each player may have covid and avoid unnecessary closeness. This doesn’t include tackling etc.
  2. I work with covid patients so yes I do this at work. This isn’t about fear from the media. It’s about trying to prevent spread within our club. If one player gets it. Gives it to four and we potentially forfeit points. Then come back and say the celebrations were worth it. Killie our the cup simply cos their players did not socially distance adequately. I’m around covid almost daily so yes I’m careful!!!
  3. 6 at Kilmarnock alone Scottish government have told squad to isolate for 2 weeks As the community precancerous rises then there will be more cases. But killie shows how easy one case spreads round a club.
  4. The thing is mate the incidence in footballers is low because the incidence in society is low. But transmission within teams is significant eg st mirren or Killie. Prevalence is increasing. Players have kids at school. One is bound to get it. It’s almost a certainty. So I just want our players to minimise risk of internal transmission. I don’t think current goal celebrations do that. No proof that this is where they are transmitted. Probably a number of interactions but we should deal with them all.
  5. I posted a new topic on this. The way players celebrate etc it is clear that there is transmission within clubs. So one player risks many players. Our players should minimise internal transmission risk.
  6. Quite rightly covid testing regularly has allowed football to return and may help transmission between teams or limit within a team. However there are 2 flaws. As the prevalence increases in the community and as kids mix at school the likelihood of say one of our players contracting covid is more and more significant. Evidence eg Kilmarnock and St Mirren shows that testing may limit spread to the whole team but that 3-4 players could easily get covid. Now I work in Health and am super careful that in case one of my colleagues gets covid I am never closer than 2m for more than 15 mi
  7. Well that’s not f***** surprising man.
  8. I watch on laptop. But watch on mobile if out. But can’t do both at same time.
  9. Government tell us to do all sorts of things. Like wear seatbelts. They cud say u can’t attend a football match without vaccination proof. We aren’t going to have 50 k this season.
  10. Alfredo is our player. Had a hand in all early goals. He’s a young player who has never hidden his desire to move one day. DJ, Gazza Baxter McCoist all had major fall outs with managers. SG has dropped him based on his attitude and now his attitude has improved. I’d play him any day. celtic supporters want him gone!!! If he stays then 55 is ours !
  11. Morelos has had a hand in most goals. In first game he had more touches than in any game last year. He has clearly been instructed to come deeper to create space for for Kent and Hagi. We played poor as a team. I think without Morelos and an upgrade on Jack ( or kamara) we win nothing and hand them the league. Morelos can win us the league.
  12. It’s not a fucking spelling bee. It’s a forum. It’s a cheap putdown of the proletariat argument that you can’t spell so you have no voice. It’s like me putting down the Dude because I have more Highers, University Degrees, etc .than he does. Using I’m cleverer than you to win an argument is poor. I’m quite happy that I can be top of the class in spelling. However, it’s a cheap shot used far to often on here.
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