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  1. The league cup and Scottish cup cud have been cancelled and league games brought forward.
  2. I’ve said it before We should stop hugging after a goal. It’s madness. I work front line with covid patients. They think this bubble gives them protection but it’s utter madness. It’s no surprise that it spreads throughout teams. The incidence in football clubs is no less that the national incidence. God knows how governments allow it. It’s unnecessary contact and it could yet end the season early!!!
  3. If we are ahead in the league later in season I’d happily play squad players in Scottish cup. All competitions are equal.... but some are more equal than others.
  4. Your not Boydie from thornliebank are you?

    1. real boydie9

      real boydie9

      No mate. Don't know if I've any family in Thornliebank, although my dad had 5 sisters and 4 brothers so anything is possible 😊 originally came from Kinning Park, moved to Dumbreck married a girl from Drumchapel.

      Andy Boyd

    2. Thornliebanktrueblue


      My best mate was an Andy Boyd from Thornliebank. He is 61 now and was a welder in govan shipbuilders. Brother Davy owned British damp and timber preservation. 

  5. I said this before in another thread. Some players will get it. However the risk is it goes through the team because of close contact eg on scoring goals. I work in hospital with covid patients and would not be hugging them if they scored a goal even outside. Transmission through the team may constitute our greatest threat.
  6. He was a special player to the football family. RIP
  7. What age were we all and where were we that fateful day. I was 9. In grans house in Thornliebank listening to radio.
  8. 9 yrs old. Not allowed to go cis it was new year game v celtic. Listening on radio as we did. Sitting with mum and the three aunts dad and his 3 brothers at the game Then the news came in. And it got worse and worse. When they arrived home I’d never see my Mum and my aunties cry as they realised their men were ok. They still didn’t know. No phones Fb or twitter. They came home. Others didn’t. RIP the 66
  9. The "legal" argument is not helpful If you use a tax avoidance scheme which HMRC declare unacceptable then you have to repay taxes. This may not always be criminal but the punishment is harsh. It is better to argue consistently that they were loans but the weak link in our argument is no repayments. One repayment cra precedent and this is very important in Scots Law.
  10. Yes The money is from oldco. The point is that as soon as any one individual repays a portion of EBT then that establishes defacto that it was a loan. HMRCs whole argument stands and falls by them asserting that it was wages and not a loan. Interesting for example when some players including Ally took a wages drop for a while... might have been cleverer to take full wages and repay portion of EBT ( Can remember if Ally had EBT) So... a single repayment of a part of an EBT adds credence to our assertion that was a loan and weakens HMRC case. This is not an admission of "guilt". This is a means
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