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  1. I get that. But enough were fighting such that the bad behaviour gets the headline.
  2. I agree. In this social media world we need to be more savvy. It’s the optics. How it will look. the Clydeside flares were simply spectacular. we just shoot ourselves in foot. We need to be less naive. Gerrard is presenting us as a multicultural modern club. The George square drunken fights with supporters of own club, were shameful. The only defence we have is what about ..... I think we need to be smarter.
  3. Your not Boydie from thornliebank are you?

    1. real boydie9

      real boydie9

      No mate. Don't know if I've any family in Thornliebank, although my dad had 5 sisters and 4 brothers so anything is possible 😊 originally came from Kinning Park, moved to Dumbreck married a girl from Drumchapel.

      Andy Boyd

    2. Thornliebanktrueblue


      My best mate was an Andy Boyd from Thornliebank. He is 61 now and was a welder in govan shipbuilders. Brother Davy owned British damp and timber preservation. 

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