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  1. Theatre of champions.
  2. Anyone know why the rangers website doesn’t give you the option for adding a name on the back of your shirt when buying?
  3. I’m missing this one to complete my set too
  4. We all know this isn’t the case this season
  5. Whether he saw it or not, it’s a red card.
  6. Why are people moaning about it? It was a clear ban. The issue is, others seem to get away with less.
  7. You cany just turn up Cos you’ve been vaccinated: lol:
  8. What server is it you connect to for American Netflix with surfshark
  9. What deal did you get with Surfshark? How much you paying and for how many months?
  10. They might say naw now that you’ve washed them
  11. https://shop.rangers.co.uk/collections/players-training/products/mens-black-gold-1-4-zip the added it back but now with sponsorship
  12. Anyone any update on when the new zipper is going back on sale?
  13. Saw it online 1h ago. Tried to buy it rn and it’s pulled again. Raging
  14. Thought he was very, very good. He was thrown in to mix it up. He done well with his headers and hold up play
  15. I see your username has been named after yer maw 😛
  16. Someone post the lyrics, sounded catchy 😄
  17. You cany get it without sponsors The club shop in town sell them, however small chance of getting one when you’re down due to it always selling out rapid. The staff don’t know when the next delivery is either.
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