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  1. Is it only for certain purchases? I literally spend thousands on Amazon because I use my prime for my work as well as personal but it said I had only donated 3p to help the heroes.
  2. I’ve put on so much weight during the past year it’s ridiculous. I am a walking heart attack but seeing that has given me the real fear. It just shows you just don’t know what lies ahead of us. Footballers will be tested for heart defects and fitness constantly. Jesus that was terrifying.
  3. I agree with you. Their fans are half arsed about filling their stadium (when we were allowed) They portray themselves as these great people but woebetide a woman who is raped and gets pregnant. Stoned to death. Or murdered for having the audacity of reporting the rape as crime. It’s disgusting.
  4. You should write to papers like the daily record (I know 🥺) but it would give your page maximum exposure and maybe you would reach your target quicker. Your circumstances of being a single dad of 6 should be enough to get them interested. Good luck x
  5. It would be hilarious if at the start of the season Lennon was unveiled as their manager! Surprise 🥳
  6. It’s a tough one. I hate the SFA because of how they treated us and I hate that the Scotland fans seem to hate everything Rangers so much that they actively boo any of our players when they come on the park (not sure if this is still a thing but it was the last time I watched Scotland). However. Whether the SNP like to admit it or not I am still Scottish as well as being British so I want to say I would want my national team to do well. I won’t be watching us but I will probably keep an eye on our results
  7. See the thing he is in a position of power. So his statement is false. Like others have said if I went to India or China I wouldn’t expect the majority of people in high positions to be white. I detest racists and no way should someone be harmed or intimidated because of the colour of their skin but nor should someone be handed a job because of it either. That speech IMO makes him racist
  8. That’s the scary thing. People think she handled it well but she 100% relied on Westminster for furlough cash and handouts. People don’t realise, or want to admit, this if we were independent not only would we be on our knees as a country but we would be like other countries around the world with hardly anyone having had their vaccinations. It’s only because we are part of the UK that we are so far ahead.
  9. 🔴⚪️🔵 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. He would have to go back and take it back out to go to sign on tomorrow
  11. Honestly couldn’t make it up! There is no embarrassing these clowns!
  12. Aye him and Andy Walker will be commentating on our games 😩 What a team that will be
  13. I hope they win because their point total will stay that way til at least Wednesday and maybe longer 🤣🤣🤣 The inbreds will hate that!
  14. I don’t see them being able to afford Benitez. The rumours are they can’t afford to sack TLB and Benitez won’t be cheap. Not only that he would need some assurance that he can buy players. We’ll see soon enough I suppose. We can only concentrate on us and keep winning our games
  15. Is there a compliance officer? I thought I read somewhere that she had resigned
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