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  1. I was in the main stand yesterday so it would've been impossible to hear what was said but a few fans stood up and must've said something and seen Ian Black turn and react, and a group of fans all jumped up and all started shouting. I know their centre mid John Sweeney who got us tickets and after that had happened with Black he said Kyle Hutton said to Black 'Youve made a big mistake there mate'. Also, throughout the game Black was Johns man (in which I thought he done a decent job) while Black constantly tried to wined him up by sayin stuff like 'when you signing on the brew?' And Jig hear
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1Qn9hBW7es
  3. A magician, Hes outstanding, Watch some of his videos on Youtube!
  4. Not the best start to the season i must say & he can still do that, Cant wait till he's on top form again !!
  5. They conceded 271 mate I know, Amazing how the dont react negatively. Hope one of these top paid players see this video
  6. Shit, i was watching a version on Vimeo or something and didnt know how to post the video on this so i got the video off YouTube and just thought it would be the same so i didnt watch it Ill Try and find the one with the English subtitles because it excellent EDIT - Can someone delete this thread ?
  7. Has Kane Hemmings went to Wolves ? Or are EA bullshitting ?
  8. Jelavic 76 Oh .. And Garry Hooper has better heading than Jelavic ..
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