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    His awareness at their free kick was outstanding, fod would never have seen that coming. His command of the box and back 4 is brilliant. When he was previously with us he was a great keeper, his time away has matured and improved him. Long may it continue.
  2. Gazza was a sublime talent, a world class player that could have walked into any side and we were fortunate to get him at the tail end of his peak. That being said Laudrup, for me, was just this side of perfect. Both players were in the Scottish Cup final against hearts and gazza was completely forgotten about. Such was the majesty of Laudrups performance that day.
  3. I wish this wee cunt would get up off his arse and get on with it. You got a belt in the mouth man the fuck up! Bert Trautmann broke his neck in the fa cup final and played on.... Ye wee pansie.
  4. I feel sullied and unusual saying this but..... Mon the sheep!
  5. I would get the 1st team together and all the under 20s. I would tell the 1st team, as of now you are on notice, anything less than 100% in training and on the pitch and you will be dropped for your opposite number in the under 20s. You then say if anyone does not want to be here you have our permission to find a new club, we will listen to all reasonable offers.
  6. Pedro Caixinha is blameless for the shambles we find our selves in. Yes he has to take the responsibility for the tactics and player selection for these two games, but having just came into the club we cannot judge him to harshly as this isn't his side. Judge him from August, judge him on the players he bring in and ships out. Finishing 3rd is well below acceptable for this club, players and fans.
  7. Yes, of course we can win the title next season. Pedro will have the preseason to get the team playing his way, the dead wood will be stripped back and we'll be hungrier and more aggressive..... This is what we, as fans demand.
  8. We have had an embarrassment of riches in from of goal over the years, guys like McCoist, Hatley, Wallace, Mols, Arveladze, pros, jelavic and boyd. Most people would fail to live up to the reputation of these guys, coupled with the weight of expectation that comes from playing for us. Waghorn has the attributes but lacks the confidence, as someone else said when the bad ju ju gets you it's fucking hard to shake it. Maybe next season will be different if he stays, time will tell.
  9. Perhaps I'm missing something, how exactly are we up to our eyes in debt? I was under the impression that we had no debt, and that our board was using soft loans that would be converted to shares....
  10. Unfortunately we are in no position to be raising this issue. I say that because we as a club, were strategically removed from any position of power that could potentially have allowed us to raise concerns. The SFA will do nothing, the SPFL will do nothing and the Scottish Government will do nothing. The victims of these crimes will get no justice and the integrity of our game is now nothing more than a parody. That club should be held in the highest contempt and stripped of all the honours accrued since the abuse started, as should every other club that concealed abuse from the authori
  11. Celtic played, management and staff will always follow the party line, do we really expect them to come out and be honest and open? At this stage last year we out played, out fought and out thought them and the reality of how fragile their grasp on Scottish football is. Warburtons biggest mistakes was that he bought into that one victory and didn't adapt. Pedro, in the short time he's been here, has shown that he is capable of changing things up when it's needed.
  12. Difference between garner and O'halloran is that garner actually seems to want to be here and put a bit of a shift in. 1.8 mil was still too much though.
  13. I tend to agree with this. We won't get to see exactly how good a manager he is until he has a pre season and a transfer window under his belt. MW could have been great but in the end his inexperience and stubbornness proved to be the undoing of him. Yes it is early days but I think that he has given the team a level of stability that wasn't there before. Looking forward to the semi final, Celtic are, and have been all season, shaky at the back killie, partick motherwell have all shown this to be the case.... Hopefully another 3 minute doing is on the cards for them.
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