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  1. I just think Davies is a very methodical, thorough manager. He has done well at every club he has been at while he has maintained a good relationship with the board. Sadly, he has a penchant for, after a couple of years, falling out with everyone. That aside, he's tactically very good and he's get more out of the team than we are getting now. Alex has had a few tough gigs with different clubs but I genuinely think he is an underrated manager. Particularly man-management.
  2. Warburton has done nothing this season to show me that he can get the best out of this group of players. I really don't have faith in him tactically.
  3. It's an opinion and people are saying 'fuck off.' It's a forum...
  4. No one can deny that we have been woeful this season. Today, we never looked like we were never really taking the game to Aberdeen and at 1-0 down, before the penalty came, we look like we'd give up. I am always sceptical of any manager who says, as Warburton has, that "the plan B is to do plan A better." That's not good enough. We are not Bareclona. We need a multitude of plans. I am really starting to lose faith in Warburton. We need a much more intelligent manager. I want Billy Davies in now, or even Alex McLeish.
  5. Billy Davies is available, he wants the job, and he'd be a great manager for this football club.
  6. My Dad used to work with Davie White at Haliburtons in Arbroath in the early 80s. He said that some of the stories he used to tell about Rangers were a scream but that he had no money to spend on players. Sad he passed away last year.
  7. Heard all of these stories before. I know all about what went on at Foresr but I don't think that detracts from the fact he has a very solid record in football management. I also don't think he would behave the same way at Rangers.
  8. When people say, "Ashley only benefits if we are doing well." This is exactly the same argument people used with Green.
  9. If it is a drinking offence then he has quite rightly been suspended from work. If it is a move to put pressure on him, and the rest to resign, then it is a sordid tactic. Think of our traditions, this is not the way Rangers Football Club do things and it shows how far we have fallen if we resort to this.
  10. To people who say he is not good enough, and I disagree because he has a good record as far as I can see, he is surely the best we can get at the moment. What other options are there? Tony Pulis? Not a hope in hell he would want to come to us at the moment or we could afford him. Ditto Sherwood and any other PL manager. Same applies to most foreign coaches. Terry Butcher? Only ever done well at one club and ok at another. Stuart McCall? Like the guy and did a great job at Motherwell but he doesn't have any experience at a bigger club and I don't know if he'd be a big enough personality to shak
  11. I wouldn't have been averse to Calderwood as a short term appointment but I have heard some really dodgy stories about him. Look up what Ryan O' Leary has to say about him at his time at Kilmarnock. Ostracised the guy from the squad and bullied him because he was suffering from depression. An old school dinosaur we don't need at the club, imo.
  12. I supported the removal of the management team but in a dignified way and with a swift replacement. These guys do not deserve this humiliation. This is shocking.
  13. Just noticed on our Wiki page it has Sandy Easedale down as Chairman. Who edited this? Sandy Easedale?
  14. He took Motherwell up to 3rd, guided an unfashionable Preston team into the play-offs, promoted a Derby team to the PL earlier than expected, and turned around Forest from being relegation contenders to regular play-off participants. Hardly a dud,
  15. People banding around named like Sherwood, Pulis etc are living in a dreamland surely? There is no way we could afford to pay the wages of guys like that who have managed big clubs in the PL. Given that most wouldn't want to work under the current situation I think our options are limited. Davies has shown that he can get the best out of average teams and that is what we need right now. He certainly wouldn't get pally with them in the way Ally did and he would bring professionalism to the club.
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