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  1. Thick obsessed tarrier cunt.
  2. He answered dinner school.
  3. Well done Beckenbauer, excellent project.
  4. The shambolic ballot and ensuing mess needs answers from the SPFL as the clamour for an independent inquiry grows In a useful news diversion a bloated, 14-person task force formed to consider reconstruction in the Scottish Professional Football League convened for the first time on Monday. A vote will be required to approve any of its recommendations. No sniggering at the back. Meanwhile the chairmen of Aberdeen and Heart of Midlothian have joined their equivalent at Rangers by calling for an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the ballot to abandon the 2019-20 s
  5. Exactly mate, they're not going to suddenly say we got it wrong and there's no champions, she's fucked up and she knows it.
  6. To fucking late Budge you stupid cow, you were sold a lie and you bought it.
  7. Exactly , burn the fucking lot of them, who gives a fuck about us.
  8. Exactly, lets have an investigation into what we all know happened, It 'absolute genius.
  9. They're shitting themselves, this is the first time I've seen them squirming.
  10. That's the bit I pissed myself laughing at, "dig deeper ".
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