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  1. What an absolute Cunt, you'd think nothing was happening elsewhere, deflect, deflect, deflect.
  2. It's like the JFK conspiracy, maybe there was a second shooter.
  3. Terrible news, thoughts are with you and your family Ed.
  4. Annemarie O'Donnell and Bridget McConnell , Ffs.
  5. You're acting like a jealous guy with a gorgeous burd, just enjoy the sex while your getting it.
  6. FFs shagging Suzy McGuire, the cunt never had any ball control.
  7. binsy08


    Exactly, I done as much in that game as Pena did.
  8. Sad news, feel for David and his family.
  9. I thought the display was excellent, orange and blue, what's not to like.
  10. Yeah he did, i forgot all about that.
  11. Did he get any game time that day mate ?, i think the fact they've sent him back up tells us what we already knew, his attitude stinks.
  12. I would hope the club are going to ask for more details than that shitty two lined statement, like asking, who did he inform, when and if there is any written proof of them being informed.
  13. The most positive aspect to take from that article is, by fuck they're hurting.
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