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  1. Yeah its hard to recover from! guess you can never really get over a loss of a loved one. Same mate, the weather makes you depressed after a while haha! probably not much mate, usual shite, bookies, football, few drinks haha about you ?

  2. Sorry to hear that mate. Had similar events happen at the start of the year when my gran passed away on new years eve. If I've been brutally honest I don't think I've recovered from it yet. I'm fine bud, just bored with this shitty weather. Hate winter! Doing much this weekend?

  3. Alright mate, how are things? Not seen you on much lately. :( Think I might take some time off this place in the next month, site is becoming boring at times. Will get worse with the transfer window and tax case!

  4. Not much mate, out at my mates on Friday, watch the football on Sat. Probably just chill out on Sunday.

  5. Seemed to be mischief-making. Cunts! That's good to hear. Doing much this weekend?

  6. Hey mate, how you holding up with the whole McGregor incident? Not really read much about it in the last few days? Hope you are doing ok.

  7. Rage ! i'll need to splash some cash on a new battery soon or this will just overheat one day and fuck up haha.
  8. i dont know mate mine is fine, just it runs out faster than at first, and heats up more than usual because of its always on charge basicly.
  9. My laptop charger is fucked too, googled it, and they said after a good while the life span will decrease, need to buy a new one i think.
  10. Drop a request in the design section and i'll try and do it tomorrow mate.
  11. Turned out great man! Dont Fuck With The Goian.
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