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  1. We may as well get out an NFL playbook and just blitz the other teams defence.
  2. I think he has been the most consistent overall since the season started, certainly not the most talented player we have but as you said a key member, and one i don't think deserves to be dropped. Neither did McKay but Templeton was always going to play in his position and Little's been banging them in recently.
  3. Like i said, overall so far he has been our best player and most consistent IMO. McKay has been brilliant and came on and changed the game vs East Stirling when Shiels went off, Argy has been good but looked shaky when he first came in as expected as he was coming into a new side, vs Elgin he was brilliant. But for me, MacLeod has been the stand out so far.
  4. Cant believe so many people have left out MacLeod, been our best player overall since the start of the season IMO.
  5. We're gonna win the league anyway, even Laff knows it.
  6. Brilliant from the UB lads!
  7. We need to get people of the wage bill or to take a wage cut, even if redundancies happen or not. We can't keep going on like this. If players are more interested in what they will pick up at the end of the week instead of whats best for the club when we speak to them before signing then don't sign them. Simple as that.
  8. The job these lads do is brilliant, no one can deny it. its not always going to be everyones favourite song/style but they're doing something about it, and doing it well. The flags, banner, tifos they use are brilliant, I would hope that it could expand and more people could join in from outwith the corner.
  9. Great response mate. How is your uncle Paul anyway?
  10. Only a fool would register onto a public forum and choose the username TheBlueKnight and talk about Paul Murray's plans like he was his favourite uncle. There is no difference as yet. Whyte said BEFORE takeover he was the right man to takeover and said he only wanted whats best for Rangers. At this point Murray has only done the same, nothing is different. Untill he owns us, if he owns us, we will see if thats the case like it was with Whyte. Like someone said before, Murray sat on the board and done nothing, like the rest of the old regime. He then tried to hijack the Whyte deal at the last
  11. Oh trust me, theres more i could have added! haha
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