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  1. Thoughts are with his family a true gent
  2. Just off the phone to the ticket office - permit holders will be allowed to use carpark on Saturday, apparently you should receive an email confirming this. Still no pay on the day though.
  3. Sad, sad news grew up as a kid watching him, thoughts are with his family
  4. Great thread and some good comment on both points of view, On a personal level I'll be renewing my tickets as normal as I would feel if I don't I would be letting the club down even more than I would have by not buying mt ST last year. Feel our support is even more crucial this year
  5. Cheers for posting that, will be showing that to my wife as Albertz is her all time hero
  6. Yet again a great piece and "the greatest product of this refining process is a re-discovery for us all of the importance of Rangers FC in our lives" really hit the nail on the head for me
  7. Unbelie....no wait can't understand why I'm even shocked by this as becoming the norm
  8. You better all turn up next year!!! Seriously though never thought we would beak that barrier so indeed take a bow all and let's have Ibrox rocking at the weekend
  9. RIP Ann thoughts are with family and friends
  10. Condolences to you and yours and as others have said moving words that showed your love for your father RIP Tommy
  11. Whilst I've backed Ally I wish he would keep it shut, feel at times he's preparing us for failure when bemoaning fact that he may not get his £10m, Bomber maybe had a point, could do with an optic in the dug out (if he had been pished may have been reason for missing the bleeding obvious deficiencies on the pitch at times) and now this - not exactly encouraging us to stick with the club and get our ST. Ally please concentrate on getting the best out of the players and be the manager the majority of us still want you to be.
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