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  1. I'd rather the Euros and World Cup were shite than pander to 12 clubs.
  2. From the looks of almost everyone's reactions they'd hitching to a sinking ship. I've barely seen anyone who wants this.
  3. Not a transfer embargo, but players not able to compete in UEFA and FIFA competitions might be a big deal for players. Especially if they can get big money in France/Germany.
  4. Outside of Scotland and that's not even guaranteed, I can't remember the last game I properly watched that wasn't us.
  5. Rio Ferdinand absolutely lambasted Man Utd for it too.
  6. I thought so, still trying to figure out when Davis was ever considered a rat? I know a good few were but never really heard Davis spoke about like that till this thread.
  7. So we've not fucked it by not making earlier subs before? Especially when the midfield looks knackered.
  8. Need to make a change soon, it seems to be the only thing Gerrard hasn't learned yet. Always leaves it too late because we are ahead.
  9. I'd be raging if Gerrard came out with that shite whilst 20 points behind. Just talking nonsense and doing the other sides team talk for them.
  10. They never shut up, but we should beat them anyway.
  11. It shows you how ridiculous Scotland is when Lennon gets sympathy for taking the absolute cunt and a pitchfork mob is waiting for Bassey and Patterson for having a quiet night in.
  12. He joined after Halliday was gone, he's talking about the lad who got sacked.
  13. Maybe Tav will be the next.
  14. Ach we're not getting out the groups anyway, might as well make it a leg breaker with 5 minutes to go.
  15. You're the one concentrating on somewhere else, claiming people not wanting to be associated with an extremist group of fans somehow makes them some ultra-woke leftist.
  16. What you on about? He said he wouldn't particularly want to be associated with far right elements from other supports. Why would you? We've just had all the stuff with racist abuse to Kamara.
  17. It's really shaping up to what could be a cracking playoffs. Quite liking the trade of Redick for James Johnson. Redick has been pretty awful for Pelicans this season when he's played and we lacked a bit on defense. Although think the playoffs might be out of sight this season. Zion is going to be one of the best in the league for sure.
  18. The problem with Clarke is he is completely living off that unbeaten run, where we scraped through almost every game. If you want to stay in the league Clarke's a decent choice, to actually win anything we need to get him to fuck. Hopefully celtic come calling for him.
  19. What punishment did they actually get for COVID? Are they complaining that their players weren't banned for 7 games?
  20. Really can't see passed the Nets now for the Championship. Would be mad with all these super teams if the Jazz just kept moving forward and winning it.
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