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  1. Over 100 posts on the other lots website and nothing derogatory. Says everything about how respected Walter was in the game.
  2. Gone far too young. A giant of a manager. RIP
  3. Because the cunt waited for a slight touch and threw himself down. That’s how. Seen them given but it’s time the idea that you can throw yourself to the floor at the slightest touch was challenged. They have done it at nearly every tackle since the sending off eg Milners booking which was blatant cheating by Trippier
  4. Similar to Roofe’s last season. Not intentional but you can’t stud a bloke in the head and be surprised at a red card
  5. It is one of the more curable cancers if caught reasonably early. A family member had this 30 ish years ago and is still healthy enough
  6. It does look like he is not suited to be paired with Davis. Looks far better when he is asked to play instead of him rather than with him.
  7. You can join but you won’t be allowed to write any of the slogans on the banners
  8. Wasn’t helped by the cops embarrassing themselves by running away. No wonder all the swampies and yobs do what they like in England without fear of any consequences
  9. Patterson has contributed more to this game than Fraser
  10. I have no idea how McTominay can get get a game for the macs. He is rank
  11. Yes but he’s a couple of hours early
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