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  1. I agree. While some of Alfies goals have been against nobodies a good number have been against very decent standard teams like you mentioned above.
  2. In my youth big DJ was the man. Maybe didn’t have the ability of someone like Mols but he could score goals
  3. At least we are at home just before we could be winning the title at the girodome so no long journeys
  4. I agree. I just said it was , IMO, the worst of the last 3 teams we could face.
  5. Only 3 teams left we could face and we got the worst option.
  6. 2 daddy teams and Prague left so who did we get. Figures. Still, better than others and gives us a decent chance .
  7. Unfortunately there are few bad teams at this level as proved last year against BL. That was the only European game I recent years where I thought we were simply up against a superior side and were deservedly beaten. We need to up a level to progress but that’s not impossible.
  8. I wouldn’t want Spurs just for the fact that Son and Kane are absolutely lethal on the break. Helander is good positionally but I wouldn’t fancy his chances chasing Son.
  9. Fucking hell. Can we just have a routine win next time. My old heart can’t take this too many times
  10. Shame. I wanted him to stay and be utterly humiliated when we won the title at their dump. The after match interview would have been comedy gold
  11. So many candidates. Tav, McGregor, Goldson all excellent but for me the team just ticks when Davis is on top of his game. The experience he brings is irreplaceable
  12. Sounds fair to me. Keep those young hooligans off the streets
  13. So why has Madden been stood down tonight? Bheats got a veto on refs they don’t like?
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