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  1. Sad but hardly unexpected given his lifestyle over the years. Will always be remembered as one of the all time greats
  2. Been in Perth once after a game at Aberdeen . Someone kindly welcomed me with a glass to the face. Fortunately it was the heavy dimpled type and didn’t break or connect properly so not much damage done. We had to collet some of the bus from the local hospital on the way home. Those were the days 😂
  3. Wasn’t averse of giving them a kick either 😂
  4. Extremely impressive performance today. Controlled the game from start to finish even after changing half the outfield. If we keep playing like that we have no one to fear.
  5. They can take what end they like when we play like this.
  6. Can add today’s tosser for missing the most blatant foul on Roofe in the box.
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