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  1. Whats the issue as I'm reading he is providing proof of something he is being accused of not doing?
  2. Have follow follow updated thr screen layout from years back and is it any good?
  3. QUESTION, green covered this, with all the scrutiny from our powers that be and others how is it possible. Nothing like whyte as he has put his money where his mouth is
  4. very good business and iv met the big man many times, the owner. full of life but absolutely a top business man and honest.
  5. thanks but I already have a great grandad who does that
  6. big big difference from questioning things but we are being led to believe he is just as bad as whyte and some actually believe that
  7. because I think like that at present.
  8. What I don't understand is green can give an interview and the press can get seven days of news from it and fans like to portray him as just giving interviews left right and centre when in reality we are massive news and he is our c.e.o Now we can copy n paste every story and pick the are out of the things but it won't go away anytime soon si maybe us fans can maybe calm the flames ever so slightly and then any hysteria may dwindle down within the fanbase. Then again when we have bluewight fanboys I'm afraid it's a losing battle
  9. like I give a shit, it's a predictive text thing, so bawsWalloper My text no u
  10. With great vengeance and furious anger oh it's loyd
  11. Sevco5008 are not sevcoScotland therefore nowt to do with rangers acquisition is that right?
  12. Huttons as culpable as black like many
  13. I don't speak like I know better and I don't question people for supporting ally in these times. I back ally woopity doo.
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