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  1. You can’t play that way anymore, if you look at tackles from that era most are red cards by today’s standards. I agree with the sentiment though - I think Crystal Palace’s fast, direct combative style is the modern equivilant and we should be aiming for something like that.
  2. Brilliant tour yesterday, have been thinking about it ever since and think I've bored my wife to tears talking about it! Will be recommending to all my friends of our persuasion.
  3. The defence is the most worrying issue, as even with a lack of creativity we could sneak games 1-0 if the defence could be relied upon. As it stands you are looking at minimum of 2 goals a game to get 3 points as the defence is horrid. We haven't even faced a decent striker yet either.
  4. In a perfect world we'd be able to do this whilst also not financially helping our enemies. But what you suggest is the next best thing IMO
  5. Has she not tried to blame this on Westminster yet? Normally finds a way.
  6. Have a google of 'lafferty headbutt rangers' and then 'fyvie headbutt' and marvel at the great integrity and consistency of our fantastic journalists.
  7. Great news but does anyone think that things will significantly change for the better? The whole organisation and the way it works is atrocious, just look at the guys in line to replace them. Quite how an organisation whose only purpose is to be an administrator has got to this point is incredible, needs scrapped.
  8. I'm no big fan of poulter, but how can he 'flatter to deceive' with one of the best Ryder cup records ever? I was at glen eagles, as much as he wasn't at his best he was far from a man down. There is also the 'intangible' of the influence he has on the team as a whole - his enthusiasm is unrivalled. Probably wouldn't have him in the team next year on current form mind you.
  9. Records of All Players With Minimum 15 Matches Played Ian Poulter, Europe, 12-4-2, .722 Arnold Palmer, USA, 22-8-2, .719 Luke Donald, Europe, 10-4-1, .700 Hale Irwin, USA, 13-5-2, .700 Tom Watson, USA, 10-4-1, .700 Julius Boros, USA, 9-3-4, .688 Lee Trevino, USA, 17-7-6, .667 Gene Littler, USA, 14-5-8, .667 Jack Nicklaus, USA, 17-8-3, .661 Jose Maria Olazabal, Europe, 18-8-5, .661
  10. He did spend a phenominal amount of money at west ham, the football was fairly awful to watch, his results in the 2nd half of his last season were woeful and his team effectively lay down to any top 4 team. He's ideal for sunderland though and would be a wise choice for any team looking to stabilise - he just isn't progressive.
  11. Each to their own on whether to support the team or not. I think the closest I came to it was when the SFA were clearly trying to fuck us over, the tartan army were singing about hating Rangers, Rangers players were being booed for representing the country and there were numerous of our former 'traitors' turning out. That was definitely the lowest ebb. However, after a while I managed to balance it out. Sure the head guys at the SFA are both woeful at their job and actively tried to damage our club, but I didn't start hating rangers because Whyte or Green were in charge, or David Murray was ru
  12. Even if they were allowed to play all 4 they'd be struggling! The club is rotten, too many players coasting it while taking a big wage. Needs gutted.
  13. Always thought of him as more of Brendan Rodgers.
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