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  1. I think we ‘had’ a captain in waiting, namely Goldson ! Last season was a rock and banged in good few goals but unsettled this year for sure although not sure deserves all stick gets. Think needs more support from right/left backs and midfield when required. Missed likes of Jack for this.
  2. Honestly what they on, remove the c.nts benefits. This should be condemned at highest levels, not the sort of shite we want or need. Embarrassment for Scotland.
  3. TBH if he comes in with big numbers for likes of Kent and Kamara then we’ll need to accept this. We’re still in need of some big cash if offered say £30M for both it needs to be done if like it or not.
  4. That’s my only worry with Tav, he can be very poor defender at times and that showed again yesterday. To be fair if could defend then he’d wouldn’t be our captain today but then again we’d have £20M+ in the bank. His attacking attributes last season was a major factor in 55.
  5. Raging at that. Points should have been ours. The end !
  6. Winning the league this year and the cash that auto Champions league football will bring Rangers back on track as Scotlands main force again. Im concerned losing could knock us back years. Stopping 9.5 was brilliant but this season is even bigger.
  7. Was going to suggest ‘Hendo’ for Sports Personality instead of tennis lass but not sure now after finding his colours.... na sod that Hendo for BBC SPoY 👍
  8. Listening to Radio Scotland just now they’ve already got Furuhashi down for player of the season. Just loving seeing their team winning again.
  9. Seriously, would you pay £20m for that !!
  10. Hopefully a wake up, team looked tired and expecting an easy win.
  11. Has there been any pictures/ evidence that any ‘training’ actually took place over there ?
  12. Kamara was MOTM today, fantastic player and I’d be shocked if a few big names don’t come in for him after 55.
  13. Spent whole year trying hardest to love this guy but time to move him on, if someone will take a chance on him. Still massive potential but not with us.
  14. Kamara has been one of my more favoured players for while now, however he’s not always right for a league game. I still think we’ll need to sell someone in Jan and if £10M+ offer comes in then needs considered. 100% want 55 to come home but club finances need to be kept in check. Great been a Bear right now 👍
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