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  1. No way Morelos can start next game !
  2. Metallica- Ride the lighting Slayer - Reign in blood Motorhead - Ace of Spades Venom - Black Metal Still listening to them today.
  3. Honestly thought he had a good game lastnight, chased everything around him and was a real pain in the arse to play against. If paid 20mil for him then fine you could pick faults but at 50k it’s a fantastic bit of business and Played part in great performance lstn.
  4. If Leeds was watching that they’ll be preparing a new bid. That’s was performance of a 20million + player.
  5. Watching S2 now and am fine when there’s a moral included in a show ..... but holly crap hammers Black oppression & racism, white supremacy, Police brutality, women rights, homophobia, gay bashing, state sponsored torture, anti Russian propaganda. I’m sure there’s a few I’ve missed !! I enjoy just switching off from my day to day life and watching something that I can relax with but if this is the start of things to come then I’ll need to go back to books. Its a fantastic series, well made, great characters, good story line BUT de-tune the morality shit please. I fear this mig
  6. Well done with helping Scotland’s coefficient ya bampots, just as well we’re here of feck knows where we’d be in Euro rankings.
  7. And maybe a third time depending on the result !
  8. Wish, in I.T. Which bores tits out me so want out sooner than later. No kids so helps but thinking lifestyle becoming more important than cars.... maybe!
  9. Been looking to buy a Audi R8 for while now and keep flicking between V8 or v10. However had enough of working so might just save the cash, stick with old diesel and retire earlier !
  10. I’ve got an elderly neighbour that I’ve just found out has been paying the full whack for Sky movies/sports etc for years but when suggested they should phone and haggle they said they wouldn’t like to do that ! Is there anyway or codes that they code use to reduce they payments or is calling and threatening to leave the only way ? I don’t have sky so can’t help them !
  11. A lot will depend on the Ref, at least without the sheep flock there then should be ‘slightly’ fairer with decisions.
  12. Not a hope in hell he’d go, this time next year he will be a legend and ready to walk into Liverpool after contract ends.
  13. It’s got to be something from the ‘Ride the lightning’ album, possibly The Call of Tkulu. Monster of a track.
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