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  1. Was going to suggest ‘Hendo’ for Sports Personality instead of tennis lass but not sure now after finding his colours.... na sod that Hendo for BBC SPoY 👍
  2. Listening to Radio Scotland just now they’ve already got Furuhashi down for player of the season. Just loving seeing their team winning again.
  3. Seriously, would you pay £20m for that !!
  4. Hopefully a wake up, team looked tired and expecting an easy win.
  5. Has there been any pictures/ evidence that any ‘training’ actually took place over there ?
  6. Kamara was MOTM today, fantastic player and I’d be shocked if a few big names don’t come in for him after 55.
  7. Spent whole year trying hardest to love this guy but time to move him on, if someone will take a chance on him. Still massive potential but not with us.
  8. Kamara has been one of my more favoured players for while now, however he’s not always right for a league game. I still think we’ll need to sell someone in Jan and if £10M+ offer comes in then needs considered. 100% want 55 to come home but club finances need to be kept in check. Great been a Bear right now 👍
  9. No way Morelos can start next game !
  10. Honestly thought he had a good game lastnight, chased everything around him and was a real pain in the arse to play against. If paid 20mil for him then fine you could pick faults but at 50k it’s a fantastic bit of business and Played part in great performance lstn.
  11. If Leeds was watching that they’ll be preparing a new bid. That’s was performance of a 20million + player.
  12. Well done with helping Scotland’s coefficient ya bampots, just as well we’re here of feck knows where we’d be in Euro rankings.
  13. And maybe a third time depending on the result !
  14. A lot will depend on the Ref, at least without the sheep flock there then should be ‘slightly’ fairer with decisions.
  15. Not a hope in hell he’d go, this time next year he will be a legend and ready to walk into Liverpool after contract ends.
  16. April and still in Europe competition, wouldn’t have guessed that last year 👍 Joking aside it’s be fantastic to have Euro nights back.
  17. End of the day someone’s gonna be pis.ed what ever decisions are, let’s just hope it’s Lego and the mob for a change.
  18. Perhaps just bad timing but has not everything gone to shit since last big AGM when King made clear his intentions to leave us in which then was our highest point. Since then it’s gone rapidly downhill.
  19. I’d be very surprised if something doesn’t happen next week however getting Alfie and Tav back will be like 2 significant additions after last few games.
  20. No pleasing some folk, Wallace stayed on to captain us through darks days and still gets stick.. Would have been easier for him to leave like so many others at the time. Has my respect.
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