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  1. Nah it was definitely New England patriots, talking about 1985
  2. In the mid 80's they wore the Miami Dolphin stuff and we wore New England Patriot stuff. Washington Redskin man myself thou.
  3. We've had bigger attendances at reserve games if you want to go down that road. I bet it was not £25 or £30 per ticket as their would be 3,000 if that was the case , it was probably £5 or £10 at the gate If they want women's leagues that's fine but let them fund there bloody selfs like any other team
  4. As long as they pay their own way. Only one team I care about winning the league.
  5. The Redskins do their normal, getting into a good lead at Philly just to implode, at 20-6 up they should be winning these types of games. Gonna be a long long long season and hoping for the playoffs and that's a big hope
  6. Yep been to every game and not one away or cup ticket, been on the cccs as long as I can remember so I would like to know how the club decide who gets the tickets We should know before a ball is kicked what away tickets we get as it seems like they re making it up as they go along.
  7. Been to every home game with my son so far this season, I think it's now 10 games at Ibrox on the CCCS, I have still to get one away ticket and we have now been to 20 games in total. We should know our games away before the season starts as we used before admin, getting hee haw now and it's a disgrace .
  8. My favourite all time Rangers manager, just won his second treble in 3 seasons and left Greig a team who almost won the treble in 1978-79 season which was my first full season . I would have him as manager of my favourite Rangers team. Show me a bear over 40 who does not like Jock Wallace , and I'll show you a non Rangers fan.
  9. Ffs I remember when Hutton broke his leg at Ibrox against Kilmarnock years ago and it was Hutton who ducked up the tackle and was his own fault. But great news that Jones is only out for a month, Him one wing and Kent the other expecially at Ibrox and attack teams
  10. I like the Redskins myself, since the early 80's when the won the Super Bowl,. Fell away from it for years and been getting back into it the past couple of seasons as sky and the camera angles now is amazing., well better than the old channel 4👍🏻, I thought the redskins would make the play offs last season then they just died a depth. And the NFL winter hats are brilliant also £25
  11. A camera must have caught it. , no way did not one camera catch it.
  12. That cunt Julien ( There no2) should have been off, how the lineman , 4th official or tv camera never saw it is unbelievable,. I saw it clear as day, He had Morelos in a lock around the neck and threw him to the floor like that. It was dangerous play, very dangerous in fact,. If you did that to someone leaving the game you would be up at court this morning. 3 game ban all day long. As for Madden? Did he bring his fucking cards as his first half display was shocking, We shot ourselves in the foot as the first goal was a bloody disgrace , Goldstone ? What the fuck was he thinkin
  13. But Gerrard had to give his permission to Mcgregor and Arfeild so according to you way of thinking Gerrard signed them. And it was bomber who found Cueller not Smith , Smith picks the scouts and tell them what he wants and they suggest players. I would give Pedro no credit what so ever , wanted him sacked after 4 months and glad to hear you did not want that dud McInnes
  14. TBB is an offensive song , yet Glasgow city council say even thou we find these marches offensive we have to tolerate them? Why when we can't sing offensive songs that these openly terriorist lovers hate in our own bloody country Well they can tolerate TBB tomorrow then when we are pumping them as offensive things are allowed according to the council, or did they mean the PUL only have to tolerate offensive things? We only have to produce this in court as offensive stuff must be tolerated but secterian singing is banned which TBB is not. Can't wait to some cunt challe
  15. The club signed him not Pedro,. Pedro could not spot Messi or Ronaldo's potetional , Ffs he thought Pena was worth £2m, more than Warbs spent on a player, he spent £1m on Herrera who again after a game or 2 it was plain to see he did not have it. He should have been sacked the end of that season and not allowed to waste money like on Pena or Herrera for the next., the guy was an embarrassment just like cunts like yourself creaming at another dud in Derek McInnes being offered the job when he's another dud
  16. I want to see the letter we have never seen Murray got years ago saying TBB was banned. We asked repeated at the time and over the years yet no one actually saw it. Again another lie. If not produce the letter even now.
  17. I hope we are 4-0 up and TBB ringing around the stadium. Any cunt that's offended I apologise in advance as I hate the brotherhood and the I RA who hate my country, and I have a legal right to have those feelings no matter what the SNP say.
  18. In which way have they changed ? Everyone can show their religious believes and history except us it seems in our own bloody country. Again TBB is offensive not secterian and I hope we are 3-0 and it's belting around the stadium as it's time the club stood bloody up for us instead of seeing us as bloody cash machines. . Nothing secterian about TBB ask any lawyer. I would like the club and police to tell us what secterian songs we can't sing to clear this all up.
  19. Correct , the chances we JJ would probably still have still tipped the club about Morelos.
  20. Nah, J applied because it was Rangers, not Pedro as I did not see him following Pedro to Mexico,. JJ would most probably have still tipped the club about Morelos so please stop saying Pedro bought him. Pedro bought Pena £2m, Herrera £1m , wasted £3m plus wages and you wang to give him credit for Morelos? He had never even heard of the guy before he became Rangers manager.
  21. We are gonna get big bucks for Morelos when he leaves. I would like to hold onto him for this season and next, as if we win the league he has a chance of reaching the champions league with us, but even the Europa league he is in the main shop window.
  22. I like Jones directness, I think he's a great signing , better than I thought anyway.
  23. I think there is not much between us all to be honest, I think it will be a very tight group, No one will fancy coming to Ibrox on a rain soaked midweek night with the bears in battle fever mode.
  24. Nah JJ was in for the job because it was Rangers , He bought Pena for a couple of million and Herrera for £1m. Both players combined were not worth £500k then to pay all his duds to fuck off including Pedro. As i said he should not have got an interview and heads should have rolled at his appointment. He took us backwards and it cost us close to £10m for the previlage.
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