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  1. Those cunts have a cheek to talk about kids. They think it's bad now? It's gonna get a hell of a lot worse once the truth is fully out regarding their board covering up for Torbett the man now convicted twice as they let him back in once Stain left to reabuse knowing fine well what he was.
  2. Fucking delighted they went with Lennon, now if Gerrard does not win 55 next season against Lennon then he might as well give up management altogether.
  3. 10cm lower and he would have got it , He pushed it down the way, Hearts blew it today and gifted them 2 goals
  4. They were on the slide under Rogers , Lennon just continued it. Rogers is not daft , that's why he got to fuck, but agree it was a penalty, why the duck did the keeper stop? I thought he was getting their first but stopped and then went again?
  5. What about the league cup semi? Dundee? It pisses me off today as that could easily have been us, after the break first match Killie and we lose it, and we started hitting form again just before the split. We could easily have won 2 trophys this season as they are fucking woeful
  6. Aye but how many draws did we have that we should have won? and stupid losses ? We are a match for any cunt in our league as we have proven, but it's the Aberdeens , Hibs, Killie etc we blew it against and dropped far too many points ,. Yes we finished after the split strongly but they were out of site by then
  7. We could not beat Aberdeen at Ibrox that's why we were not there today, we were awful that night after doing the hard work and drawing up there
  8. Aye depending which Rangers turned up,. Inconsistency cost us the league, we fucking threw it away this season
  9. Never happen,. Our 8 in a row team would destroy them, Laudrupwould go past cunts for fun with Gazza putting brown firmly in his place,. This is a very poor celtic team who only got success by starting a campaign to get us thrown out the spl so they would benefit. We are seeing those results now. We better stop them doing 9 next season , fuck Europe , and domestic cups , the league is the main priority
  10. Hearts have blew this big style, celtic have been terrible today and Hearts gifted them a penalty and wtf was that? It's down to us to stop them dead in their tracks next season
  11. I totally agree, but the diffrence is we tend not to get them.
  12. Look penalty or not Hearts fucked up and let them back in the game. They need to go and win it all over again
  13. C'mon to fuck Hearts get back in their fucking faces , and what was the keeper thinking off? If he had not stopped he would have most likely have got the ball. He's let these cunts off the hook,. Time to go and win it now Hearts as their grip on the Scottish game is coming to an end next season this would just be an added bonus.
  14. It's not a 3rd party dock,. It's the original. ??
  15. Had a spare charger so bought a 2nd docking station off eBay for £40 for my room, tiny next to the PS4 pro but it's an addictive wee machine. Easier now to play for an hour in my room with my son then he goes in his own room and plays a little more. Anyone thinking of getting their kid this machine then get it.
  16. That's next just need to set up the security on it ao I can go on butbthe wee man can't unless I am available.
  17. Went the first time last season against Ict Christmas Eve , took the wee man who is autistic and the wife, the wee man loved it that much he started going to all the home games this season. It's good to see how the other half live, but it's well worth it as it's a day you and your dad will never forget.
  18. The wee man loves playing that at night not played myself but it does look impressive.
  19. Had a good few games of Mario kart on this on the big screen, it's fucking amazing , I really like the Pro wireless controller also and would advice anyone with a switch to go out and buy one, they are £60 thou typical Nintendo prices but worth it whilst playing indoors The wee man has 7 games now, he is absolutely loving it and the PS4 is sitting in rest mode as I keep going back to the switch myself, teaching the wee man to be good at Mario Kart, got him on 150cc now and he thought he could take me down,so I had to give him a lesson on it, the Mario red carry case for games with th
  20. You can get a Sandisk micro sad card 200gb for £60, unbelievable price. Just got the wee man one as well as the switch everywhere messenger bag for £16.99 at argos.
  21. Getting wee man it next Friday. Got a list of stuff you need, like joy con charging dock and joy con rechargeable batteries, messenger bag , screen protector then 2 wireless controllers at £60 a pop as I will play mario kart as played it for donkey years as he now has the 3ds xl which is a hell of a machine also With console and 2 games you are looking at £350 you are still looking at another £200 to £250 easy. fucking best part of it is that cunt santa gets all the fucking credit. I could buy a bloody Xbox x as the only reason I now have the PS4 pro is for pro evo and chan
  22. I'm buying the wee man one for Christmaa,. You won't get any change from £500 by the time you get everything, the controllers are £55 ffs Im waiting till Black Friday and getting him the lot right down to a carry case but will pick it up with a game or two bundle
  23. Try another 2, as if we are 2 up by fuck they will score late on and make it a nervous finish. Not impressed with the first half, but we are winning and that's all that counts at the moment as we badly need wins.
  24. Good bear who I met at the Hilton as I was waiting for the car to get married. He was there with his agent as he was leaving Rangers, my wee mate Joe knows his old man well as they went to school together. Not the best but gave it his all every time he pulled that blue jersey over his shoulders. When he dies they will have Bob Malcom FTP inscribed on his grave
  25. I believe once you get 1500 likes you can go into a sub forum as then you don't have to deal with the tarriers on here wishing they were one of us
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