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  1. Again who suggested that fucking idiot? Cunts on here creaming their boxers at the thought of him getting the job,. Where are the all now ? Only a few cunts like myself said we did not want him near Ibrox , and Gerrard was a hell of a gamble but he has been backed financially but if we do not win the league this year or next then he will be seen as a failure. Do I think we will win the league ? Yes,. I had £125 on us last season at 12/1 ffs and not a gambler as I don't believe the hype about celtic ,. I should have cashed in last season but we threw the league away with the stup
  2. Morelos? Johannson found Morelos,. I'm sorry but Pedro wasted millions and he should not have been the only one sacked as someone's whoever wanted him appointed him should have been sacked for appointing him. Pedro should not have got an interview never mind the job As for Gerrard? He's won nothing yet. If he wins the league this year then yes but there's along way to go in that and we need to be more consistent this season as we threw it away last season.
  3. The first one should never have been appointed.
  4. Yes and sometimes it's Protestant. So it's not exclusively catholic as Uefa as saying
  5. Why would it not make a diffrence he's a Protestant? You are saying it's anti catholic. Well I'm telling you that we never grew up singing it thinking anything of Billy Fullerton and I'm from the east end and my da stayed in Bridgeton most of his days. I had never heard of him like most people u til our haters wanted TBB banned. And to say I am not singing about the brotherhood? Are you a mind reader or something ? I had an education unlike the easily offended who now make up the meaning of words .
  6. A fenian was in the brotherhood, you can be a Protestant and be a fenian , Protestants like Catholics believe in things like a United Ireland and destroy the UK government, In fact I know a few Protestants who think like that. So the defination of fenian is wrong ? Is this an SNP abbreviation of the word fenian ? My question to you the law and Uefa , You are all saying I can call a Protestant a fenian bastard then ? And that would be okay? but if he is catholic then that changes everything? Why should that change facts that a fenian does not mean catholic and a fenian bastard is
  7. On the basis when we sing fenian we are talking about the days of the brotherhood. That was always the true defination in the English language. You can be a Protestant or a catholic so being a fenian is not just the one religion .. You with all your fancy words etc should know this ,. But our haters are telling Uefa that it will s aimed at catholics,. So are they saying no Protestants support their team and support the IRA? I know a few . So what you are saying it's okay to call a Protestant a fenian bastard but not a catholic ? How does that work in a court of law ?
  8. Again someone should inform UEFA that the billy boys is offensive by law not secterian. To say it's secterian as the media constantly do is just lies.
  9. He is spot on as they mean two different things. Being saying all along their were plenty of Protestant fenians. I personally have no issues with Clarke and I am happy Lennon is their manager and not Clarke. The guy spent 20 odd years mostly at Chelsea then Liverpool etc and he simply is not interested in any of it unlike the likes of Lennon who just can't help himself.
  10. It was only under codename Cuddle a child, they thought it would never come to light , They would hardly Call it Raping a child would they as it never happened according to them 👍
  11. celtic tried this and covered it up did they not, Code name Cuddle a child ?
  12. When we where at Hampden it look amazing expecially behind the goal.. Would love us to bring it back, Us and the Jambos used to do it if I remember.
  13. What about when De Boer was manger of Ajax? They sang sad orange bastard with a shite football team most of the game . Is that not secterian ? I don't remember parkhead having anywhere shut down over that And someone should inform UEFA that TBB is not secterian it's offensive and that's how the law in this country stands on it at present So again I would love to know what secterian singing took place as I never heard any fuck the popes etc , so what was the secterian/ racist behaviour. Football is currupt to the core now and UEFA and FIFA are ruining the game.
  14. Why not donate your ticket to them instead?
  15. No comment ? Being as diplomatic as the SOS
  16. It's offensive by law. So are you saying that the law is wrong?
  17. I agree they won't be sung but Rangers need to tackle this head in after the game and ask why they are banned . The y are not anti and religion and they are not racist, A Protestant as well as a catholic can be a fenian. Thismis banned because our haters got it banned through their contacts at FARE and for years they have been anti Rangers and clearly had a agenda against us. No one wants to see the stadium closed , or a stand shut but at what point do we draw a line in the sand and say no more from the board down? Michael Stewart now thinks he can have a right go at us over an
  18. Maybe we should change it To up to our knees in pedo scum, or up to our knees in with nationalist scum. But we must always sing TBB as teams shake at the knees when the hear us belt that out just after we score
  19. But why ? Where is this mystery letter than claimed we could never sing this song that UEFA sent us years ago? And why was this the case about this song ? Because our haters complained about it and Murray and co did fuck all on our behalf. I will stick with the law and the law says it's offensive and if you ever get charge with singing TBB and it's for secterian singing then tell your lawyer it's an offensive song as it's a big difference to what the law states and the media print. Again the club should correct this or ban these papers from advertising their rags at Ibrox.
  20. King is a big Liverpool fan, more than he is a bear, and was down for Liverpool champions league games at Anfeild when it all came about and they discussed it further and Gerrard went away and thought about it, got certain after getting assurances and said yes .
  21. But those cunts at FARE have been bumming their gums for years about us , yet the other lot can use this word. So why can they use it amd not us when it could mean either a Protestant or catholic who wished to other destroy the UK goverment and United Ireland. They can sing about fenian army's. Ffs , we just sing about slaying those fucking terriorists armys
  22. Our money he got to buy players. 50,000 fans week in week out, we sell all our tickets every allocation we get , Maybe that's the reason ?
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