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  1. Bain should not even be allowed to buy a ticket for Ibrox. Bain is not a Rangers man, has he not been very very well paid by Rangers? If Bain gets on the board then we would all be as well wrapping it. Charles Green is innocent until proven otherwise, And if he was just a front for Whyte then the sfa have a lot to answer for.
  2. Actually mellowed to Sir Alex over the years but not really a fan of man utd. when I was a youngster on the early 80's I used to watch the Arsenal. The teams up north always won the league then mostly Liverpool. Have a soft spot for Arsenal but like to see the Chelsea do well. But you have to admire Fergie and the teams he has built over his time at Old Trafford. The spending power that Man City and Chelsea have yet his team is alway 1st or 2nd.
  3. We are hated due to our success. Our stadium is the best football ground in the country mile, and we are not intimated by Celtic or any other organisation in Scotland. 2008 was a classic example to suit Celtic, Scottish team in a European final yet we play game after game leading up to it, Advocatt said it was wrong, Sir Alex Ferguson said it was wrong yet the sfa did nothing to help us bring the cup to Glasgow, As for the Japan tour, nothing ever said about it again. They got to Seville and won nothing, we were cheated out of at least the treble that year. Maybe with a rest it could have been
  4. He will have to resign as can the spl afford to let him go. £200,000 a year is a lot of contract to buy out. Could cost them £500,000 just to sack the donkey as he will not resign unless he gets a pay, Let's hope he has a Jim McLean contract and cost the spl as much as possible and let's finish off the job by snubbing an spl2 and demand the tv deal is ripped up and demand the same share as Celtic. Anything less then fight it. Sky wants us the spl needs us so let's demand the tv deal is ripped up as we were forced to agree to it. If they want to stop our game going down the tubes lets start wit
  5. Watters,The Rangers fans are very passoniate and the way we will them on especially big games. Hampden league cup final couple of years back, Celtic had the upper hand, the form team the usual media bullshit. Us bears were having none of it, out sung them out played them even had a penalty awarded then not then that Jelavic goal, I was near the Celtic fans and we were going mental the full game but when he scored the place erupted and the rest was history. We then finished the job and were crowned champions that year also. We are Rangers we are one.
  6. Welcome my friend, As a Scot I went to school in England early 80's, let me tell you there is nothing like Rangers south of the border I can assure you. We are the most pro Brittish team in Britain, Our stadium while only holding around 52,000 and build early 80's puts most modern stadiums to shame including Hampden and Celtic park. Come on up next season and see for yourself and buy the Rangers home kit next season and wear it proud. WE ARE THE PEOPLE
  7. Sfa will still want their share of anything and everything. That's fair enough but to strike that deal O'Regan must go.
  8. Time we stopped these vultures feeding off us. Rip up their bloody enforced tv deal. Dungcaster and co see you in court.
  9. Sorry typing error, that is 5,000 subscribers at £15 per month would generate £900,000. I am sure we would shift more that 5,000 subscribers.
  10. Why is the sky deal all hush hush? Liewell should have been nowhere near the negotiations, why are we the paying customers not told what is in the deal? Time for them to put their great deal on the table, I for one would fight the spl all the way and try and break away from their enforced deal. They don't need us remember, give them nothing but another legal bill, the fighting fund is kicking about somewhere for that. We could sell our rights through the sfl to sky. An away season ticket on the box for £15 a month 5,000 subscribers is £900,000 and stadiums will still be packed, the sfl would
  11. Fight anything we signed in court? We were blackmailed pure and simple. Take control of our own tv rights and give sfl members a fair share of the monies we generate. If we offer them peanuts they would refuse us so let the sfl and Rangers approach sky. The viewing figure make sense to sky and the money makes sense to the sfl. Lets finish them off, let's win this war, we as Rangers never except 2nd best. Fuck the sfa and the spl. We have friends in the spl now, Ross County, Caley, Killie and the Saints. Liewell is losing his stranglehold on scottish football. W
  12. For all those thousands of fans who do not attend away games would you be prepared to pay £15 per month for an away season book on your tv? How many could we sell? I for one would buy one, time for the sfl to unite and finish the spl off. Just got this business with Mr Green to sort out the onwards and upward. We need to unite as fans under one banner and stick together as we the fans are Rangers.
  13. We should approach the sfl about Rangers starting their own channel on sky. Let us buy an away season ticket and give them a fair percentage to give the other clubs. We could throw in a couple of home games also, Say £15 per month, 15,000 subscribers that is £2.7m then how much would sky pay for the games. The futures bright, the futures red white and blue.
  14. First class from more than a fan, but did they not also get a electricity pylon moved behind the Celtic end for £1. The stadium was to high blocking sunlight out of people's homes that was why houses were knocked down in diarada st. My grandad stayed in the tenements in diarada st. Great they are doing up the east end as you will not get a more passionate bear that an eastend bear. But totally agree all within a mile of the beggerdome is a disgrace. What about the rest of Glasgow?
  15. Lioyds new all about Whyte, and they had a duty to the tax payer also. So putting people's jobs at risk is in the tax payers best interest? Putting people's livlihoods at risk around the stadium, Is that in the tax payers interest? Lioyds got bailed out big time by the likes of you and me so please I tell people like me to take a step back people like you should take a step forward and demand Donald Muir and Lloyds explain themselves, again argued with guys from Lloyds away back on a few occasions over this. Because as tax payers money bailed them out to the sums of tens of millions makes thei
  16. This guy is spot on, I went to my mp per admin and kicked up about Whyte and Lioyds and the tax man. Hmrc coming at us one direction and a 46% owned by tax payers bank coming at us another direction putting jobs at risk. Now the big issue to me and have argued this point with the sfa on several occasions was that the fact the sfa signed Whyte off to be our chairman, once this happened he could basically control the books and conceal what he was doing from the world, but wait did the sfa not get a call from the sfa in September, yes nearly a full 5 months before admin took place. Stewart Regan
  17. First time on this site but been a guest for ages. This is all fine and dandy about what the sheriff said but what about the bears at the Montrose game that got a three day lie in for signing against Montrose, should have locked the piece of terrorist supporting scum up.
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