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  1. My sons arrived on Friday and I am still waiting. I suppose it's too much to ask that they could send both out togeather at the same address.
  2. No he did not as he made a pledge to the electorate that's when they actually told us the truth, he said if he got in a second term before he even got in no10 he would give us a vote on the EU, he said remaining in the UK was the only way to stay in the EU which was the truth at the time but the snp like me and everybody else knew this vote was gonna happen yet they where the ones taken us out without even asking the country first. The problem with the politicians in all party's is they underestimated the will of the people and they still are which is undemocratic , so if the SNP where
  3. Nicola ? Who is she exactly? Shea fucking muppet a nobody , a poision dwarf. As for supporting our PM? At least he does not want to stop democracy unlike the nationalists who simply just don't believe in it. And can you explain the deaths at the new super hospital through pigeon shit ? And can you also explain the state of Glasgow because it's that bad at the moment and not just because it's the snp it's a bloody disgrace the state of the place. Meanwhile Nicola and her husband another fenian bastard are fleecing the Scottish taxpayer to £500k between them As you said j
  4. You were doing so well until the second last sentence. Fuck you can't go into the main hospital in Glasgow which is the new super dooper hospital without pigeon shit killing you. What are your snp doing about that ? Also Glasgow is an overgrown mess , the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime again under a SNP goverment and Snp council so how is this allowed to happen under such a super party? You just have to look around Ibrox when your through but the rest of Glasgow is worse , trees needing cut back, grass not been cut all year , weeds not been treated all year the place is a fuc
  5. Goram against Leeds at Elland road followed by a performance up at pottodrie early in his career at Ibrox when we won 1-0 big Hateley scoring it, but at Elland Road his performance went right through the team and we beat the champions of England both home and away .
  6. I like the look of him, in fact I like the look of a few signings , and that unusual for me these days.
  7. Glasgow Rangers . That's the only one I need to see 👍🇬🇧
  8. I like the look of the boy, he is strong , direct and has an eye for goal,
  9. Said it atbthe time that I wanted him nowhere near Ibrox as he simply is not or every has been Rangers class and that's as a player and a manager.
  10. Every player has their price , If we were offered £12m for him he would be gone, fuck I would drive him to where ever myself, not that I don't rate him, but think what we could do with £12m to invest ? As I said they all have their price as English football has left us so far behind with tv rights etc that we can't even compete with the top championship teams now never mind the premiership ones and it's killling football.
  11. I don't know as the games are thick and fast now. Wish we had our smart card as I have as I have 6 or 8 tickets for the next 3 or 4 games for me and the wee man just stuck them all in a envelope. It's that bad I don't know how many I have 🤣
  12. Why did they not do the clear panels all the way back at the end of the Copland and broomloan stands ? They did front 2 or 3 new clear panel and the rest look as thou they have not been changed. I thought they were gonna do all the panels to let in more light?
  13. Never worth anywhere near that, Say it all about modern football... No cunt has a clue anymore if he is wort a penny more than £15m and that's me being kind as I would not even spend near that on him. Tav must now be worth £60m and Morelos £75m going by that calculator.
  14. That's the 100 dollar question we would all like to know. They could build first corner between the Copland and govan and make it safe standing. We could also look into making it 1 whole tier like instead of a front and rear like the Copland and Govanh stands , more like behind the Spurs goal in their new stadium and Dortmund 's stadium is also like this. Can you imagine the corners filled in like that ? Say it cost £20m per section, just a guess figure , surly the board could find £17m from somewhere as they get £3m straight off from season ticket sales , say pay for the first c
  15. The Europa league alone we could be losing 7 full houses and say and extra 7,000 per game . That's 49,000 ticket sales in Europe we are losing and at £25 a qualifier and £120 Europa league package an average ticket would be just over £30 , even at £30 an average ticket we are losing £210k per game just on ticket sales alone and about £1.5m on Europa league tickets and qualifiers combined Combine that to the season ticket money and the corners alone have generated just under £4.5m on league and Europe games alone in one season
  16. I suppose they want us to fork out £65 an adult and £50 a child home tops long sleeve around about Christmas like last year? The club need to get a grip as come May it yesterday's news and no cunt wants it yet they expect £125 + £7. Postage for half a season? Amd why are the strips delayed? Is it Hummel or Ashley & Rangers, but either way some cunt get it fucking sorted
  17. That's a minimum 6,000 extra and I think we could get a couple more thousand on that, You are also forgetting friendlies, Europa league qualifiers, Europa league ( hopefully) Scottish and league cup matches. I think we could add another few million onto that figure, The club would be crazy not to explore it
  18. Have they got around to releasing the long sleeve tops yet ? They should have been on sale like short sleeve from day one
  19. Need to start again from scratch if it comes to it . As it need to join up the Copland and govan rear stands so would be much further back also. But we are losing say £6m a season , the question is how much does it cost ?
  20. I love Ibrox the way it is, like most bears in their late 40's I watched it being built as a kid, but doing the corners properly need not change Ibrox much, Those screens are a bloody waste of time and could go above the Copland and broomloan stands or put them hanging from each corners roof, but this is something the club must explore in the very near future as the demand is there, Even do one corner Copland/Govan in the next few seasons with an aim to doing the other one in say 3 to 5 seasons after that.
  21. Great again by the supporters as we show our loyalty. 14,000 on the waiting list? That's a hell of a lot of money we are losing, Fill the corners in properly and get the attendance up by another at least another 7 or 8.000 . 6000 paying customers alone at £450 is £2.7m so think of the revenue we would / will lose over the next decade because Ibrox only holds a little over 50,000. Yes money is very tight but surly the 3 bears and King could pay for it and take it back off the club every year at a very low interest rate as it would pay for itself in no time. I think I
  22. Ibrox was no bad to get to for me , but it was Hampden that was bloody murder, I walked it from parkhead 3 times against Hibs in a few days 1978/79 season and I was fucking dead on my feet as a 9 year old standing the full game and then home, I remember after the second game I had all but given up on football and the 3rd game it pissed down on the way there , the game went to extra time we won 3-2 and I got to see the cup close up from behind the big fence the had up then. On the way home I got a bag of chips and was delighted but feet fucked from walking. Hated hampden with good
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