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  1. Staunch and futuristic ! I like it 🇬🇧👍
  2. Good man, stops me panicking 🤣👍
  3. I would say we make about £1m from ticket sales , Years gone by we got the 1st European games thrown in with the season ticket but we don't get that anymore so every cunt pays £25 and 40,000 paying fans would generate £1m then say 10,000 concessions/child at £10 is another £100k, yes there will be expenses but then we have the box sales advertisement etc and we should piss through the first two rounds now with the team we have So that's why I would rather play 3 qualifiers like last year as it's money in the clubs pocket as if you get 3 full houses and get in the group stages like
  4. I would rather start the 1st qualifying round so we hopefully get 3!full houses at Ibrox and then hopefully 3 more in the group stages. We will lose a million if we start the 2nd round so that's why I would rather play it
  5. You never know with Kent,. He was sensational at times after the break but before the break he was okay,. Maybe another season up here is what he needs as if he hits the ground running this season then he could easily get POY and that would greatly enhance his appeal and fee to other clubs. Did he not get YPOY award this season? But would love him to stay as I think he could be sensational this season for us. If we get a £12 £14m bid for Tav, then I'm sorry he has to go,. I like Tav, my heart sank for him in the 10 men game at the beggerdome because he was mom up until that pass, but i
  6. Kent we have no say over but would love him to stay. I would take £30m combined for the 2 if we were offered good money for each player Did Villa not let Hutton go? He could do a good job for us and buy a good top midfielder a top striker and a outstanding winger and still have a few quid left to spend Unfortunatly if English premiership clubs throw money around like that then we must take it and rebuild
  7. Honestly I fell asleep after 15mins and woke up when Liverpool had the cup in front of the fans to find out it was a dire final.
  8. The penalty ruined the game. It was never a penalty in a million years. He flicked it up to his arm as he was pointing for someone to defend the space, there was Fuck all he could do about it. If it was giving against us in a big game I would be fuming
  9. Richer sounds have some good deals, If your gonna watch mostly 1080p content now then I would get sky q on first., I have everything with sky including sports and I am £102.50, a month Bt sports I am £22 for 6 months then £28.50 for 12 months and that's hd £6 multi room£6.50 included as they charge for that also. If you have a half decent tv then buy a couple of good hdmi for your new tv when you get it and bang it in the old one just now.👍, also the Sky subwoofer is also worth considering I paid £250 for mine but that's when it first came out so probably get cheaper than that now .
  10. Mongo? Lonsdale trainers ? Have you got the right guy? Seriously mate fuck off and annoy some cunt else as I relally can't be arsed with stupid and abusive xomments from behind a screen ,. Now away and grow up and go annoy a few tims on kerryfail st
  11. Your all mouth then coward? you will do nothing as your a fucking nobody
  12. Anytime you want to meet up prick if not then shut the fuck up. Now away and annoy some cunt else
  13. A mongo bastard who would kick you about Hamilton like a bag of chips👍🏻😂, so what's yer point ?
  14. 4K tv's will improve over the next 18months like OLEG tv's and will come down hopefully in price. As I said I have a top notch 1080p picture upstairs and downstairs and I paid over £3k for both my sets when new But I have been looking but I have just bought a better car about 3 months ago and that cost me an arm and a leg, was at richer sounds yesterday having a wee look.
  15. Bud? Look fannybaws never ever call me bud as your a wee fanny
  16. I'll mongo you ya wee ride,
  17. Someone should tell the manager and team a game can past for 95mins now not 80 We could have won the league if those cheating, pedo harbouring scum had not started a campaign against us in 2012 and get us thrown out the league. Failure next season is not a option , don't want a great run in europa league, don't want the league or Scottish cups TITLE 55 MUST BE DELIVERED NEXT SEASON AND STOPPING THEM DOING 9, and we will have our bus tour and show these cunts what a real crowd is
  18. Fucking delighted they went with Lennon, now if Gerrard does not win 55 next season against Lennon then he might as well give up management altogether.
  19. 10cm lower and he would have got it , He pushed it down the way, Hearts blew it today and gifted them 2 goals
  20. They were on the slide under Rogers , Lennon just continued it. Rogers is not daft , that's why he got to fuck, but agree it was a penalty, why the duck did the keeper stop? I thought he was getting their first but stopped and then went again?
  21. What about the league cup semi? Dundee? It pisses me off today as that could easily have been us, after the break first match Killie and we lose it, and we started hitting form again just before the split. We could easily have won 2 trophys this season as they are fucking woeful
  22. Aye but how many draws did we have that we should have won? and stupid losses ? We are a match for any cunt in our league as we have proven, but it's the Aberdeens , Hibs, Killie etc we blew it against and dropped far too many points ,. Yes we finished after the split strongly but they were out of site by then
  23. We could not beat Aberdeen at Ibrox that's why we were not there today, we were awful that night after doing the hard work and drawing up there
  24. Aye depending which Rangers turned up,. Inconsistency cost us the league, we fucking threw it away this season
  25. Never happen,. Our 8 in a row team would destroy them, Laudrupwould go past cunts for fun with Gazza putting brown firmly in his place,. This is a very poor celtic team who only got success by starting a campaign to get us thrown out the spl so they would benefit. We are seeing those results now. We better stop them doing 9 next season , fuck Europe , and domestic cups , the league is the main priority
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