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  1. Clearly gagging fir a pic of yer shit heaped boxers here
  2. Shite, was hoping fir something more exciting than that
  3. Nasa announcement at 4pm about a discovery on the moon. Am gawn fir aliens
  4. Just found out Becky is a man utd fan, so she can get Tae fuck
  5. Won't matter how much they're getting pumped by, will play exactly the same, shitebags
  6. No need for youporn the night after that.
  7. I'm calling it, the greatest goal in history, outrageous
  8. The boys ongoing commentary ruins it, just shut the fuck up and film
  9. Why the fuck is everyone saying Griffith's should have dived? What is this shit
  10. Well that was easy, fucking hell they're shit, definitely there for the taking. Need to keep the pressure up now, no fucking up against the even shiter teams now
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