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  1. Think the ket might be sending me doolaly again, dunno what anyone elses excuses are
  2. Need an upgrade on McGregor tbh. His kicking can be a bit suspect at times.
  3. Especially if aribo starts, we might as well no turn up if that were the case
  4. Starting to think they Man city basturts are gawna win it.
  5. Aye can get it on Rangers TV, jus need to go abroad fir a few hours
  6. A think it's just the shite system tbh mate, as I always need to sign in to buy online for the ticket section. Even when I am already logged in the main site. Frustrating tbf
  7. I have 2 separate log ins, one fir the ticket site and once fir main Rangers site
  8. Have you booked flights already or that just the route ye know yer taken? As thought ye couldnae book flights mare than 12 months in advance?
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