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  1. Surely the linesman wid flag as soon as the Belgium player passes it tho?
  2. How is Lukaku not offside, as he would have been offside when the boy passed to him? So surely it gone off the Russian player is irrelevant?
  3. Umtiti on over 200k a week takes the award fir most ridiculous
  4. Absofuckinglutely Man utd only had 2 more shots than them over all and man Utd had less corners than them an aw
  5. Fucking yasssssasss Fuck you Man utd, get it fucking round ye. Cunts
  6. Not too sure why he got man of the match after that highlights package, didnae look like he had much to so
  7. Ok, in what way did the keeper shiteing it cos him to get booted in the face?
  8. Wit? This is just nonsense, it was there to be won by roofe however he got it wrong, these things happen. To say it's not mainly on Roofe is just ridiculous
  9. Can't wait fir a techno Sash Bash
  10. Can't wait to play Rockstars "new" game in September
  11. Can someone explain the connection between Prince Phillip and Palestine with me please?
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