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  1. Ageed . Even on this , SG will show no sentiment and I'm sure he won't . JD has been useful to have at the club . Although we have to have, a more dynamic and youthful front line to choose from IMO
  2. Still shite though and our manager conceded as much .Hopefully not here next season ..That first goal for them was reminiscent of Rob Kiernan defending
  3. “Exactly the same as Mcgregors “ my balls Brown caught greetin. Alfredo giving it the “ dry your eyes “ Humiliation for that cunt at last 🤣
  4. They sure dealt with the Fraser Foster problem 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Should be very entertaining tonight .Will listen for the sheer pleasure of hearing their pain🤔😢
  6. Can’t believe Sportscene never highlighted this bit of outstanding skill Show is a farce .The editors must be hurting big time 😉
  7. It’s a great win but our lazy play sometimes ,drives me nuts Need to be more ruthless on days like today
  8. The best bet was 3-1 once we scored .We do it so very often
  9. Dropping down the gears .Should be worth 1 more at least
  10. It’s easier for him ,than call us champions a hundred times ,like they did for them ,these past 9 years
  11. I will be disappointed if it’s anything less than 5 here now 😉😄
  12. It’s just lazy ,complacent football ,that’s going to put us into trouble
  13. OF games can turn in a minute mate .Although can’t see it right now
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