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  1. And here's me thinking that was your ugly mug
  2. And some of them won’t want to shift either .Because if the money they are on .It isn’t easy to move players on ,just like that .They are fucked 🤣
  3. Absolutely mate .It can’t be a career ender mind .That’s already happened 😄
  4. There is no way ,we are playing same 11 as Sunday .Being a double header .SG will be careful not to put all his cards on show for the meaningless of the two fixtures .Although still important .The Cup game is clearly the big one
  5. It won't be beaten Great movie btw . Classic with Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy
  6. Fair enough mate, but I'm sure you would have enjoyed seeing Brown being sent off
  7. Was hoping for that at the weekend but we still score 0 on the dark arts of the game .We just know ,they would have been winding up our players ,if it had been other way around Hopefully we give it to them next game at Ibrox
  8. You can bet your bottom dollar , they would be the first to sign up from Scotland, if given a chance
  9. Google saying the Club Manchester City announced they are founding club mate ? Yeah they are all the same mind . Greed rules in 2021
  10. Iv'e hated Man City for years now,but being the founding club in all this, tells us everything we need to know. No matter what happens . I hope there is no way back for this fucking shower
  11. I don’t either .He is completely stringing them along 🤣🤣🤣It’s going to be a great summer
  12. I like this one fellas We will never forget their pain and how their embarrassing support dealt with this season .And blowing 10🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Stonewaller of any season mate .And that was after Collum denied us 2 that could have been pens .
  14. First 70 minutes today .I thought he was outstanding .He plays the old Ian Ferguson role if you like .And it seems ,he is appreciated just the same .In other wards .He isn’t flamboyant for some .It’s no coincidence our Old firm record has improved with Scotty playing in these games .Absolutely love the wee man .And when we score ,he goes tonto .He loves our club .
  15. True but it’s competitive and works within the pyramids of each Country. Using coefficients to give other Countries a sporting chance .Weighted in favour of the big clubs .Absolutely .Corrupt .Likely but this breakaway would be a farce and mostly likely cause havoc within the game Unless .......see previous post
  16. I agree with this . Uefa will fall in line quietly , meet them half way and all these clubs will have more power and more leverage . Corruption at it's finest
  17. German sides all have to say fuck off to the idea mate . All their top clubs have 51% supporters controlling interest apparently
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