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  1. Malmö was singing it when we played them . I couldn’t tell you who sings it in England though .
  2. I was thinking this myself hopefully gio ends up like smith then .
  3. He should been sold in summer ,if he ain’t willing sign contract for us why keep him ? . No commitment from him and if we sold in summer at least we could of got some money for him . In my eyes he only had one good season with us and that was last season . In his head he thinks he is bigger player than he really is . Hopefully gvb punts him in January .
  4. Last thing I ever thought would ever see on gvb thread is raves and planes 😂😂. What a thread .
  5. Sooner the better he comes out with statement that he staying and puts this crazy rumour to bed .
  6. Tbh I would rather McCrorie being our number 1 next season if shagger leaving at end of season .
  7. Actually was thinking this other day I wouldn’t be against this idea .
  8. Should this not be in rumours thread ? .
  9. He Apprently at it when he was at Aberdeen aswell .
  10. Carlos Cuellar reckons this Rangers team is even better than the one which reached the 2008 UEFA Cup final... Is he right?
  11. He feeding tam to wolves 😃😃.
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