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  1. I agree I have had my seat in the CR3 for 18 years have renewed again even bought my name on it. So if I am asked to move there is no chance I will agree.
  2. I agree but we should still be notified surely Remember honesty and transparency
  3. With all the excitement of revealing our new manager have I missed the results of the EGM. I thought they were supposed to have been disclosed today, did it happen???
  4. Are you having a laugh? The first gaol he should have either palmed over the bar or used two hands to catch it. It was not travelling at pace and he tried to punch it. Poor goalkeeping all round and to think we knocked back Craig Gordon
  5. Do you remember when Caldow broke his leg at Wembley playing for Scotland, the days before substitutes and Dave Wilson went to full back and we won the game. That was my first trip to Wembley when I was only about 13 or 14. Sadly Eric Caldow was never the same player after that he was at that time the equivalent to the attacking full backs in todays game.
  6. I remember my favourite player when I was watching Rangers was Alex Scott a great right winger in the same mould as Dave Wilson. I remember going to a cup final at Hampden in the late fifty's very early 60's against Celtic and was devastated the Scott had been dropped for Willie Henderson hated the wee man for that but soon grew to love him and forgot about poor old Alex
  7. If this agreement was done under Ally and signed of by a previous board it does not mean that we have to honour it. The new manager be it McColl or any one else can just tell him he has no future at the club and would be best moving on. If he refuses to move then keep him on the bench with the reserve team.
  8. Exactly and if you did not have a programme then you pay £11.00 at the gate that wuld go for away fans as well
  9. The programme idea is good one you can only get in for a pound if you have a programme failing that you pay the full price a win win situation.
  10. Did any one else notice that Kenny Black was missing from the dug out any ideas?
  11. Certainly would not complain about the effort each player put in today. Makes yu wonder where it has been those past 6 months well done everyone.
  12. Wonder what his excuse will be this time, one thing for sure he cant use the wind cant use the pitch and definitely cant use its a hard place to come to and win
  13. There is only one group that has actioned what they have preached and that is the Rangers First Group
  14. Then buy into Ranger First and find the answers to your questions
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