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  1. He hasn't been great, I agree...but he can get his form back like most who have lost it in recent months. He was excellent pre-injury and I have no doubt he can get that form back.
  2. Maybe not worst, but he's becoming extremely arrogant for some reason.
  3. If they put their back into these type of games instead of sauntering about, yes we would. We have had a week break to polish our performance further and this is what we are getting....they really can't afford to take their foot off the gas. We still have 8 games left...at least 2 games to safely win the league isn't it? - Unless SFA do decide to be pr*cks Ross County next Saturday...better not be a repeat performance, that's all I'm saying...
  4. Taken Motherwell off the bottom with that poor game from us. Nut 👎
  5. Dreadful... I'll grudgingly accept the point though. Grudgingly.
  6. Shows us the difference in play when certain players are missing. Moreso with Arfield and Jack imo...Roofe has been good for the team as well
  7. Quite a few having howlers today. Wake up! Hopefully Defoe can help sort it out 👍
  8. Excellent from Itten 👍 Now get heads back into game lads
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