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  1. Most of the time...even when we do win, our players could do some serious damage with goals if they really really wanted to. You know this.
  2. Going to come back to this in another 4 weeks and see where everybody is at with their opinions...including seeing if my own have changed it will be interesting anyway.
  3. Said in another thread...it's something I 100% knew was coming. The "easier" teams were barely going to be an issue. The likes of Hivs etc were going to be our realistic challenge as to where we really stood as a team and plenty on here called a few of us out for even suggesting this. Ah well, as you say, we know the craic now. And the refs are true to form as usual. As you said, this won't change till our board grow a set and start making serious waves about this. Unfortunately we know the truth on that stance...sadly.
  4. I have just spotted that we can edit. You have to hit the envelope on your post and it has a scroll down for edit. Not sure about iPhone right enough, but I change my browser to desktop and it works... Edit...I said something cheeky then took it back
  5. Sssh, we aren't allowed to be annoyed. It's a draw and not a loss after all
  6. Finished watching the match cause had to work and completely disagree...also expected this to happen which makes it worse. I think the majority who have eyes can see clearly where the issues STILL lie. But sure, fans know nothing and are pretend managers. Meh. Edit: Apologies for being disappointed with a draw...
  7. Horrendous on android too. Don't care who changed it, I want the old version back. At least it worked. Takes a while to catch up indeed. Suppose we should put this down to 2020 being a mess of a year.
  8. Not cool. Someone has an opinion on something and it makes them racist? No need at all.
  9. This again...not a fan of the knee bending, but some of the comments on here are off the scale mental from both sides of the debate. This update on the site is absolutely garbage now by the way. You can slate your users for being disgruntled as much as you like admin, but it's seriously garbage.
  10. Not sure I'm getting the tag tbh imo
  11. Just caught up as been working. Can't grumble at that at all. He's back to form
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