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  1. Perhaps he wants to bow out at Ibrox and tomorrow will be last game in charge ......here's hoping.
  2. With a different management team and players playing in their natural positions it is a capable squad.
  3. Another slap in the face to promoting the youngsters.
  4. Neil McCann is maybe worth consideration.
  5. Wish they would take some time to improve free kicks and corners.
  6. It's just another attempt from him to deflect attention from his failings.
  7. If these are th type of signings we are going for Telfer will not be the only youngster seeking a move.
  8. I fear our promising youngsters will see there future elsewhere if we continue with this type of signing.
  9. Think he is trying to cover himself in the event of failure.
  10. At least he won't get hit if Daly is aiming at him
  11. I imagine all the youngsters hoping to get in the starting 11 next season will be looking for a move after hearing this.
  12. Even if he does play a couple of youngsters in the last few games you can be sure they will not feature in the starting line up for the first game next season.
  13. With the squad he has don't think it was an unreasonable target.
  14. He still wants more playersin. With the right management team in place the current squad should walk the championship.
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