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  1. Was at the game couldn't remember the score but it was a cold cold night.
  2. Think there is always going to be conflict with this setup especially if the manager doesn't think the list of names out before him are going to improve the team.
  3. Feel sorry for Murty he will have to answer for the board today at his press conference regarding the manager situation. Surely the board should have put somebody up for interview this morning to explain what is going on if indeed they know.
  4. The board must accept responsibility for this appointment do not feel comfortable with them to make the right choice for the next manager.
  5. We need change from top to bottom.
  6. Guess he'll be back to Portugal for another holiday
  7. You could also include the other 10.
  8. Unfortunately for any good result so far it's usually followed by a bad one and that is his undoing.
  9. European cup final 1976 Bayern v St Etienne from memory think we played St Etienne in the competition.
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