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  1. Spongebob is missing his pal, hope you put him back!
  2. Even with a pizza oven I’ve produced disasters. @Terry Hurlock Loyal has made the best ones from scratch imo.
  3. Alright, change that to ‘happy to try and destroy a mans reputations and career’
  4. Me 😊 Always get a real one, no real problem with needles if you water it every day.
  5. Missing getting one at Ibrox. Just the job when you’re sitting there with feet like ice blocks and a numb arse because it’s so cold - although they serve it super heated and it takes an hour to be able to drink it!
  6. Oh I think we know who complained ❄️ ❄️ 👜 Malicious self-important and quite happy to have a man’s career and reputation destroyed
  7. Good to see you back. Did you get the issue sorted out?
  8. Same forum where you get banned for misuse of the ellipses? ...
  9. Sparkle


    I think everything has been said that needs to be.....
  10. Actually, it’s everything that’s wrong with Scotland
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