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  1. Nice! The white one in particular is a beauty 💙
  2. Quite right. I’ve never ever seen that on here before. ever
  3. I don’t get all this chat about ‘soft’ Stonewall
  4. Boyd the now - ‘Porteous doesn’t look happy now’
  5. Canny believe our away fans are getting slagged for singing
  6. My nerves are shredded here. Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves.
  7. Don’t think anyone will tbh
  8. Seems to me that needs a female owner 😇
  9. Where did your banter happen? I didn’t see it on here?
  10. Maybe having a manager who clearly wants to be here?
  11. And Barasic was brilliant too, he looked like the old Borna. On another day Kent and Aribo could have had a couple each, Davis worked his socks off.
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