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  1. What do you mean "that's my defense"? They've passed numerous times on labor issues with UEFA. Your "I think you will find an injunction blah blah blah" was just as filled with conjecture. Don't come banging down my door when the most you can conjure up is one sentence yourself. 00000042.gif

    he's a well known yahoo mate that's been banned numerous times before.

    don't engage him.

  2. Love it, absolutely. But UEFA's shown before they could give fuck all what courts have to say about them or their members. How many court orders did Sion attain last year? Football, like the rest of the big professional sports worldwide, is above the law. Wouldn't be shocked if this gets knocked back and UEFA steps in for the SFA.

    what they going to do. ban us from Europe?

  3. This is what happens when you know nothing of the fans, club and what it stands for.

    This is what happens when you don't attend a single game or even watch any on tv, where rangers are concerned.

    This is what happens when you got your arse handed to you every Friday after school when you were younger.

    This is what happens when your gunslinger.

    I go to lots of games.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen him make a positive post with anything to do with administration, Green, Miller, CVA or anything like that.

    Says the exact opposite to the admin and/or Green/Miller without any substantial backing and its ALWAYS negative. Something like a newco is inevitable, CVA won't be approved, all the players will leave, Green and Miller are the next Whytes and will destroy us, there isn't any funds, blah blah blah.

    yeah that sounds like me.

    I'm not totaly against green. I like him. he's quit funny but I suspect he's either being duped by d&p like miller or is part of the debacle.

    otherwise you've pretty much nailed my view.

  5. is this move basically fuck fifa and the cas as they cunts are of dubious background, esp fifa and there regime of bribes.?

    so we have decided taking it to courts of scots law as our route?

    think its more to do with getting the embargo halted. not sure going to cas would do that while its fought.

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