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  1. Never ate in the kiosks at ibrox, for years, the standard and price for a club of our stature is a disgrace, rather starve than eat that shite
  2. Booked the overnighter with Sports Options, Urban House hotel in City Centre, just need tickets noo, been with Sports Options / Flight options many times, far better than the offical school trips by Rangers
  3. Robert was quite clear he would not be on the board, the the clear Robert declared he would be on the board, and be the chairman, He gets to pick the board -mmmm , I am no fan of the ones in there just now, but i smell shite when i hear someone isdoing this for the club etc - they are all power hungry kunts - RST from years ago proved this - same culprits want control of the Club 1872 now - would not trust any of them
  4. If the rugby was on, he would not be anywhere near ibrox on a weekend, its his thing, along with selling fanzines subscriptions for fanzines he never produced, a complete and utter fraud of a man, how Rangers even let this clown anywhere near ibrox media room baffles me.
  5. Run by a fat thief, who will never have handed over that cash, a deal will have been done to let him in, so he can pass on whatever the board want a large number of fans who se his site know, the peados did it with one of their fans forums, where they spread the word that others wanted them to hear. Dingwallet is a rugby fan, he has a Rangers website to make cash from, you can hardley see it for adverts popping up everywhere.
  6. If you dont agree with the fat parasite, or ask questions about money for Mags etc, you will be fine on ££ , but the place is infested with pretend Rangers fans, but also a good few bears, but i’ve been banned for life twice and would not join again anyway, its just a North Korea style fans forum, who lick some posters arses
  7. We should argue in court we have been denied the right to try and win the title and a shot at a possible £25 million champions league pot, due to the negligence / crooked board of the spfl, who have broken there own rules in this process, so there are plenty of ways we could sue them, even the threat like hearts would have them shitting themselves
  8. was on a stag doo, years ago, 8 of in a wee boozer down a side street in Amsterdam, all bears one monday afternoon giving waldy, door opens and Michael Mols looks in bewildered, laughs then comes in with this other guy, as we were belting oot the sash, it was surreal, but he stayed for about ten mins with us, what a guy.
  9. I can get my hands on two tickets if anyone is struggling now away
  10. he was the one player i was desperate for us to sign, he will go in a few years for millions, he is a fantastic player with a great attitude
  11. sorry cp9, i was out the loop by about 11 on sunday😁
  12. Teddies is open (offically😎) from 11am
  13. You know where i will be if you dont get a ticket
  14. Our pub / supporters clubs beer mats
  15. Stonefield Tavarn in Blantyre is only a few miles from Accies ground, 1 stop on train 😁 full Rangers pub, Home to my Supporters club - Blantyre RSC and another Auld Da Loyal , full tunes and Pictures on Walls and great tunes, pop in before or after game, good few buses now stop there before accies and some before motherwell, as well as the Blackpool bus who stop some saturdays before heading the other few miles to ibrox
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