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  1. We should argue in court we have been denied the right to try and win the title and a shot at a possible £25 million champions league pot, due to the negligence / crooked board of the spfl, who have broken there own rules in this process, so there are plenty of ways we could sue them, even the threat like hearts would have them shitting themselves
  2. was on a stag doo, years ago, 8 of in a wee boozer down a side street in Amsterdam, all bears one monday afternoon giving waldy, door opens and Michael Mols looks in bewildered, laughs then comes in with this other guy, as we were belting oot the sash, it was surreal, but he stayed for about ten mins with us, what a guy.
  3. ab4113

    Joe Aribo

    he was the one player i was desperate for us to sign, he will go in a few years for millions, he is a fantastic player with a great attitude
  4. I have two bud

  5. Donated the £150 we collected off our members in the Stonefield Tavarn Blantyre yesterday, hope the wee man gets better Mark.
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