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  1. Silly and uneducated statement from the Union bears. It's impossible to use pyrotechnics safely inside the stadium. The danger from the smoke alone could be life threatening to asthma or COPD sufferers.
  2. I'm sure that's the rule the world over now.
  3. The match threads give the tim posters free reign to slag our players and the team in general.
  4. If artificial pitches are so bad, how come the teams that play on them every other week manage to field a team? You would think the teams with plastic pitches would have an horrendous injury list.
  5. It was actually OK trying to get out the car park today. It wasn't the usual free for all and seemed much better organised
  6. I was in yesterday about 11ish to pay for my euro package. Guy in front of me had the same issue trying to get a paper ticket. Was that you?
  7. ? Was it me you intended to quote? If so I don't really understand what you mean.
  8. Yip AC is the back row. Brilliant view and the freedom to stand if you want.
  9. I thought his best save yesterday was when he came out his box to clear.
  10. It was. The wind was a nightmare. Check out the ride Here
  11. Thank you. I'm all set and ready to go. Heading off to bed soon i need to get up at 4
  12. The charity foundation do a wonderful job from things like this to Erskine veterans, the Glasgow city mission, Glasgow children's hospital charity and lots more. If anyone is interested in making a donation I'll be doing the Arran cycle challenge for the charity foundation this Saturday. 72 mile cycle in a figure of eight round the island. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/derek-russell6. If you can spare a pound please donate. It all goes to great causes.
  13. With the last game of the season over and with less than two weeks until the challenge I thought this might be worth a wee bump. Any donation however small would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Donations here please.
  14. I talk a good game, but I'm hopeful we'll all be celebrating after the game tomorrow.. Thank you once again for your very generous donation.
  15. Feeling a bit nervous before the game? Give yourself that feel good factor by making a small donation. Rangers charity foundation (Arran cycle) Sleep well everyone for tomorrow we celebrate!
  16. Yes you can appeal one that's given for simulation.
  17. I thought vaping was banned just as smoking is in the ground.
  18. Did you not just go on your own?
  19. When they went down to ten the fans could smell victory. The players couldn't handle the expectation and completely bottled it!
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