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  1. 4 minutes ago, sausagetrunks said:

    why not? fuck them, Goss was miserable down there playing for the under 23. he probably playing and enjoying the best football of his career so far, playing great and infront of big crowds. Sean will know he is wanted now and the player could push for the move himself. would you want to go back down there? playing for under 23 team or a stand out player in Scotland and playing the best football of your career in front of big crowds.  europe next year nd tv every week.

    I think we should sign him but that wasn't my point. What I said was Holloway was quite right to make that statement. I'm surprised at Murty going public, it wasn't very professional. 

  2. 22 hours ago, Zetland said:

    @blueretro & @Lothianbear

    Planning to have another go at the Rangers Charity Foundation Arran Cycle challenge huh?

    Well before I donate this year I have a question for you - Did either of you bring back the Arran cheese we requested? GB was particularly enthused about that cheese! :rangers:

    BTW, this thread was on page 5. Shame on you both!! ?

    I was planning to but @Lothianbear said he would pick it up! I think the smell knocked him out and by the time he recovered the shop had shut. He was lucky to make the last ferry!

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  3. 1 hour ago, Redwhiteandblue said:

    I COMPLETELY missed it, so can anyone help? The second half was baws, team looked jaded and not much happened, so how did the first half go? I watched the first half of the sheep st midden game at the weekend and noticed how much the sheep couldn't handle pressure on their defence. The were terrible. And that isn't just me having a go at them, they really really were, so please tell me we pushed them as far up the park as possible? Also, anyone have the goal? I obviously missed it, so would be very thankful if someone had it. Cheers. (tu)

    You obviously didn't watch the second half either

  4. 10 hours ago, govanblue said:

    A Fund Member raising Money for the Fund's 2nd favourite Charity?

    Sounds good to me.

    I'll pledge a fiver. (I'm not made of money you know!)

    Any other Fund Members want to do something similar, they can pledge their donation via me, and I'll sort it all out come the event.  That way we can avoid those pesky justgiving fees.  

    If you get enough Fund Members donating, I'm sure the Fund could also give you a wee donation.  :tu:





    I didn't realise JustGiving had fees but I suppose they need to make money somehow. The thing I like about it is I don't have any contact with the money donated. I just go and do my thing and the money goes straight to the charity. I like the idea of no fees, but if people on here do donate will donations still qualify for gift aid if it's done through you?

    Thanks for the pledge, £5 is brilliant. I consider any donation to be very generous!

  5. Last year I signed up to the Rangers charity foundation Arran cycle challenge and a lot of good people on here very kindly donated to my just giving page. 

    Well It's come round again and this year I've decided to attempt the 72 mile figure of eight route that includes several thousand feet of climbing. The challenge takes place slightly later this year on the 26th May. I think that's because the Summer timetable will be operating, so hopefully we will be able to complete the ride in plenty of time to make the ferry back to the mainland.

    I consider this ride to be a huge challenge. Cycling is "my thing" but I'm 56 now, have high blood pressure and suffer from  Asthma as well as COPD!  You can probably guess, this will be tough! 

    Every little helps and I would appreciate any donation that can be spared.  My JustGiving page

    Thank you all

  6. 1 hour ago, gsa said:

    Atmosphere is awful. Games always finished (regardless or score) in front of an empty stadium. 

    Plenty of fans like to pat themselves on the back and say how great they are but the home support help make ibrox a very easy place for opposition teams to come. 

    No it's our team that make Ibrox a very easy place for the opposition teams! I think I spotted the St Johnstone keeper smoking a cigar at one point yesterday!

  7. 3 hours ago, Malkytfp1 said:

    He won the headee for the first goal.

    Wilson was at fault for the 2nd and Declan John jumped out the way for their third.

    He might not be playing great but there is far worse out there today.

    He set up their first goal with that stupid half ass attempt at a header!

  8. He still makes a few silly mistakes that Wilson would get slated for. Just because he tries hard and puts in a few crunching tackles doesn't make him a world class player. He has the makings of a top player but he's far from the finished article at the moment!

  9. 9 hours ago, Spectre said:

    From what I heard he had persistent injury problems (that much was obvious) throughout his career that no-one could get to the bottom of so he'd be out and recover but come back still made of glass. Apparently in the summer he went to a specialist that highlighted what the actual root cause was and since then he's not had the same problems (He had a broken foot earlier in the season but that was a freak accident rather than the same issue that has dogged his career)

    Maybe Rossiter should go and see that specialist!

  10. Will we even be able to field a team on Wednesday, is that not the players day off?

    Seriously though, we are shite, Aberdeen are shite, everybody is shite in this fucking league! We could end up with no points or six points, it just depends on the degree of shitiness over the two games!


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